‘Poet In Da Corner’, a unique production inspired by Dizzee Rascal’s ground-breaking grime album, it set to debut in Belfast at the MAC from 26th-28th February 2020.

Brought by The Royal Court Theatre in London and directed by Ola Ince – music, dance and spoken word collide in Debris Stevenson’s semi-autobiographical story about how grime gave her an entirely new lease of life.

Based in a strict Mormon household between East London and Essex, a young Debris is given Dizzee Rascal’s influential album ‘Boy In Da Corner’ by her best friend SS Vyper, played by MC Jammz.

After the first listen, her life changes in ways she’d never imagined. Despite her struggles with dyslexia, she finds salvation in spitting the power of her words. Inner conflicts she battled with her sexuality transform into new opportunities for exploration. Feelings of isolation fade away after being given the greatest gift by her closest friend.

Now a renowned grime-poet, performer and playwright, Debris’ revolutionary story taps into a number of personal yet current issues including race, representation, identity and authenticity – making this a play unlike any other to come to Northern Ireland.

‘Poet In Da Corner’ the stage show premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 2018 to a sell-out crowd, and is currently touring the UK. ‘Poet In Da Corner’ the album was released on 31st January, comprising a collection of stage show songs and reedited Dizzee Rascal tracks by producer Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante.

Jen White, Creative Programmes Manager at the MAC, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Debris Stevenson’s acclaimed play Poet In Da Corner to the MAC. This Royal Court production explores race, authenticity, representation, sexuality and religion using grime, rap, poetry and movement. Using music as the vehicle for self-expression and storytelling is familiar to NI audiences and with that in mind, we hope they join us for the launch of this production at the end of the month!”

‘Poet In Da Corner’ will only be in Belfast for three shows, between Wednesday 26th-Friday 28th February. Tickets are available at

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