When was the last time you had a cracker of a night out?

Digital DNA Awards 2018

Digital DNA Awards 2018

Danced on a table, stayed out till dawn, laughed till your sides hurt?

I had a night like that recently. No tables were damaged in the process, but I woke up feeling like I’d overdone it in the gym – who knew that flossing and a few hours of banter could be such a workout?

A week later, I still smile every time I think about the highlights of that night out.
Which got us thinking, at Digital DNA HQ, what makes a good night out?

We came up with a few essentials:

Good craic.

Good chow.

Good company.

Good conversation.


We’re sure there are some elements of a great night out that don’t start with letter ‘c’, but we couldn’t actually think of any.


Anyway, if it’s been a while since your last top night out,
how about joining us for the Digital DNA Awards next month?


We’ve got all those ‘c’s covered, especially conversation – where else can you mingle with 500 of Northern Ireland’s top digital business people all in the same room?

Check out who’s up for an award here.

And if you buy a table for your colleagues rather than a single ticket, you should have the company and craic parts covered, helped along by hosts Zoe Salmon and Andrew Ryan. We’ll also serve up some top nosh, so that’s the chow sorted too.

This year’s Digital DNA Awards take place on Thursday 26 April at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast. Tickets cost £100+ VAT and include a three-course dinner, drinks reception and entertainment, as well as entry to the awards.


Dancing on tables is prohibited, but we look forward to seeing you floss.

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