The Advantages of Owning a Commercial Shed

Good quality storage is hard to come by, there are lots of inferior products on the market. Some products that are not fit for purpose and products that will simply not stand the test of time. Ultimately by buying inferior products you will be wasting, time, energy and money. Owning a well constructed and designed commercial shed will ensure that you get good value for money along with a good investment purchase. A well built solid shed will get plenty of use year after year and will be usable throughout the year. So are there any other positive things

Good Quality and Workmanship

Commercial sheds are well-built sheds that are made of materials that are hard-wearing and long-lasting, ensuring that your shed looks as good in 10 years as it does today, and this is what you need, whether for commercial or domestic use. The shed design guide at shows how superb these sheds can be, and what you can get for your money. There is no point going for cheap sheds as the quality and finish aren’t there. Get the best you can from the start to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

Build Time

As most commercial sheds are made out of large sections of steel they end up being rather quick and easy to erect. You can shave weeks off a build time if you are doing it by yourself, or with the help of friends, and, the great news is that no timber or wood is being used which will save time on staining. Wood could also potentially rot or get damaged a lot quicker than metal, or steel.

Fully Customized

If you buy a pre-made or second-hand shed then quite often you will be making compromises. Quite often you will never be happy with how things look, how they work or even their robustness. For example, the doors might not be small enough or it might have a window which you didn’t want. With a commercial shed, you can often customize the building to suit your needs, so if you have large machinery that you want to store in the shed and have regular access to then no problem as you can add a larger set of doors, or roller doors, something that would just not be possible with wooden sheds.


Even larger sheds can be put together quickly and clean. No need to work about felting that roof on your new sheds as commercial sheds come with ready-made corrugated roofs that last a lot longer than just a couple of years unlike traditional felt roofs for wooden sheds which can quickly show wear and tear. Another advantage is commercial sheds keep their shape, they do not warp, and they can be put on a wide range of bases from gravel to tarmac, they are highly versatile and flexible to suit your needs and requirements.

Weather and Longevity

Commercial sheds weather better than traditional wooden based structures. Wooden based sheds are susceptible to bad weather. A good bit of wind could take them out, rain can warp them and sun can bleach them, whereas commercial steel sheds do not. Wooden structures can fade over time and need repainting every year where as a commercial metal shed will not.  Free from potential insect or bug attacks as made of less susceptible materials. With wooden structures you can sometimes be at risk of attacks from things such as termites who will attack and destroy anything they get into.

Bespoke – Designed for You

Although some traditional wooden sheds can be designed to better suit you and your space. A commercial shed can be made even more bespoke to you and your requirements. From door heights and placements, to the number of windows and their placements. Not forgetting the all important access doors and sizes, from roller doors to double doors, the choice is there, all you have to do is make your selection.

Commercial sheds are more robust in the materials they are built from, and the way in which they are built so they are harder for burglars or thiefs to get into. Why waste money buying something that is not exactly as you wanted, or risk buying something second hand for virtually the same price as new, and something that could be damaged especially when being removed otr disassembled.



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