Blackjack odds explained: How do they work exactly?

The great thing about Belfast is the huge choice of awesome things to keep yourself busy. Whether it is checking out the Maritime Mile Visitor Experience or performances at the Grand Opera House, this is a city with plenty to offer. But what if you fancy chilling out in your hotel room or at home when resting from everything Belfast has to offer? For many people, playing online casino games is something that is becoming more popular.

The global online casino sector generates billions in revenue per year and attracts players from all over the world. One of the best games to play online is blackjack. While the basic rules of the game are pretty simple, people can struggle with the idea of odds in it. It really is worth finding out more about them before you play, to help you win more. But how exactly do odds work in blackjack?

Blackjack odds explained

As shown on the blackjack odds and payout guide, there is lots of information to take in here. To begin with, it is worth knowing that online blackjack usually has a high return to player figure, of around 99% overall. This tips the odds in your favour and boosts your chances of winning.

One thing that can make working out specific odds per hand difficult is the dynamic nature of the play. In short, the odds of your hand winning will change in-game, depending on what cards come out and which may in the future. With this in mind, it is key to know the winning odds that each hand offers to players, so you can act accordingly.

Although professional card counters in top gambling films such as the blackjack movie ’21’ might manage to remember this information, most normal people around Belfast will not. Luckily, there are handy online blackjack crib sheets available to use, which show odds and what you should do next, based on your hand.

What are the types of odds that blackjack offers?

For many people, it can be worth diving deeper into specific situations and the odds given to players. Perhaps the most useful odds to know is that the chance of beating the dealer in most online casinos is around the 40% mark.

In addition. hitting a straight blackjack might see you get odds of 3:2 at many online sites – this means that you would get a 150% return on your initial bet. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that the chances of this happening come with odds of just under 5%!

When it comes to odds in blackjack, it is also worth knowing how side bets work. These are bets that you make outside of the main bet and rely on a certain situation occurring in the hand to win. Naturally, it is only worth taking on side bets that have the higher odds of winning.

For blackjack, this is getting a flush, which usually comes with a 19.61% winning chance, and a mixed pair, with a 16.39% chance of winning. One side bet that does not come with good odds is the insurance bet. As it pays out at 2:1, while the dealer odds of hitting a blackjack with an ace is 9:4, it will lose you money in the long term.

How can you boost your odds in blackjack?

Whether you are a visitor to Belfast who plays games in their room at Le Mon hotel, or a resident of the city, you should know that the house edge will impact on your odds of winning. This edge is simply the mathematical advantage the casino holds over players – in essence, it is how they make their money on casino games. By controlling this edge, you can tip the odds in your favour and increase your chances of winning. The best way to go about this is choosing a casino with the best RTP figure to game at, and a version of blackjack that has the best odds for players.

Another good way to improve your odds in blackjack is to pick a decent strategy to use. This avoids your play being based on luck and more on a logical, rational footing. Even if you just use blackjack strategy charts to play, it will help.

Blackjack odds are key to the game

In their simplest form, odds tell you how likely something is to happen. When gambling, they can also tell you how much you get paid out if you win. Both of these things are key to playing blackjack and it is therefore wise to get up to speed with this aspect of the game before playing online.

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