Christmas Decorations waterfall

Christmas Decorations waterfall

The Christmas tree is usually the first decoration to go up in the house and often remains the centrepiece of the illuminations. Why not steal the tree’s limelight this year with some pretty great decorations you may not have considered before? Here are our recommendations.

Reinvent your living room with a feature wall of light

This is much easier than it sounds and practically effortless to implement, with a waterfall-like set of LED Curtain Lights. Their visual impact on the room is tremendous. By just stringing them round the curtain pole, the living room will come to resemble something like an ice palace or starry night, or feel extra cosy and bright – depending on the colour and design you choose – and they are guaranteed to command the attention of anybody who first walks into the room.

Have a friendly, waving snowman to greet you

…or greet anyone. You can now buy snowman decorations that wave to people, or tip their hat, all while being lit up with great, bright colours. Place your snowman in the windowsill to let the neighbours know you’re mad with festive fervour, or have him waiting for you by the TV or at the foot of the tree, so that you always know he’s there.

waving snowman

Feel on top of the world with your very own Christmas village

There are some pretty amazing Christmas houses that you can buy that, when put together, begin to resemble miniature towns or villages in the full throws of the season. These ornaments have since speciated from very detailed-but-expensive ones we may all be familiar with, and now it is not uncommon to find paper houses, or hand-crafter ‘snow villages’. If you are particularly artsy, you could even try a hand at some yourself, they’ll look great on the top of the fireplace, or on the table.

christmas decorations village

Place a festive rug in every possible location

A Christmas rug will look great to visitors treading up to the front door (even though we all feel a little bad wiping our muddy shoes on Father Christmas’s face). But what about a Christmas bathroom rug? That’s slightly more acceptable because at least, stepping out of the shower, our feet will be clean. Plus, the bathroom is often undeservingly overlooked when it comes to decorating, and in most cases, is about as far away from the tree as one can get.

Ditch those boring, unseasonal photo frames

As peculiar as it first sounds, photograph frames can actually make for pretty neat decorations, especially if they are bright colours. Add a few bow-ribbons, some artificial frost, holly, and candy canes, and suddenly you’ve got the entire hallway matched to rival the décor of the living room. This can look particularly inventive if you replace the photograph with a Christmas message or, ditch the photograph altogether. You can, of course, already purchase frames that are already made to look Christmassy, like snowflakes. Perfect for when you’re trying on your Christmas clothes. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most festive of all?

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