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Love Belfast

EASON DONEGALL PLACE | Thursday 17 December, 1pm  

CECELIA AHERN is excited about meeting Belfast fans this week at a signing of her twelfth novel, The Marble Collector, which will take place at Eason in Donegall Place, Thursday 17 December at 1pm.

Cecelia is a writer with a unique talent for inspiring readers through her stories of characters at a crossroads in their life. Over the past ten years she’s challenged herself with each novel, maturing as a writer and always surprising readers with her themes. She is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over twenty-four million copies of her novels worldwide. Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series. She and her books have won numerous awards, including the Irish Book Award for Popular Fiction for The Year I Met You in 2014. The Marble Collector is Cecelia’s most ambitious novel to date.

The Marble Collector tells the story of a young woman named Sabrina who happens upon a collection of marbles in her father’s possessions. The collection has been carefully catalogued and she discovers that two of the most expensive collections are missing. What begins as a mission to find the missing marbles becomes something greater. Sabrina discovers that her father is not who she thinks he is; that she grew up with a man who had many secrets and through shining a light on him, she begins to understand the mysteries of herself.

It is told from two perspectives; from her father Fergus’ perspective, and from Sabrina’s. Each Fergus chapter is titled after a marble or marble game and the chapter is about his memory of that marble. Through hearing about his marble stories we get an insight into his life growing up in Dublin from the age of five years old all the way to sixty years old. We follow Sabrina as she searches for the missing marbles and in doing so, seeks out answers about her life at a time when she needs it most. While Fergus’ memories cover decades, Sabrina’s journey takes place on one day; the day of a total solar eclipse, when for the first time in years, feeling guided by the moon, Sabrina leaves the day-to-day monotony of what her life has become and makes a change.

The Marble Collector is a tale of a father and a daughter, of a childhood and the secrets we keep from those we love. It’s a story of missed opportunities and lost years but also of love in its many guises – between siblings, between sweethearts and between families in all its forms.

The Marble Collector is published by HarperCollins and is in stores now, priced at £12.99 STG Paperback