Belfast vs Toronto: A Comparison to Check Out Before Immigration

Immigration has been a crucial part of human existence for hundreds and thousands of years. Immigration has played a key role in enriching the culture, expanding the economic opportunities, and enhancing the influence of many countries in the world.

Two cities that have seen significant immigration over the last decade are Belfast and Toronto. So, here we are with a detailed comparison of Belfast and Toronto that will give you ample insights into various factors that need to be taken into account to make a decent living in these cities.

1. Cost of Living

The cost of living is a serious concern for all those who want to migrate to Canada from UK.

While the monthly rent in Toronto is significantly higher than in Belfast, the food in Belfast is slightly expensive. While a meal in a small and inexpensive restaurant in Belfast would cost you about 12.00 £, a meal in Toronto in a similar outlet would cost you only 10£.

Also, if you’re a beer lover, you would have to spend 4.45 £ as compared to 3.98 £ in Toronto.


Moreover, the transportation costs in Toronto are substantially less than in Belfast. If you hire a taxi in Toronto, it will cost you around 2.42 £ for every kilometre compared to the 3 £ per kilometre charge that you will need to shell out in Belfast.

A major reason why travelling in Toronto is so inexpensive than in Belfast is the difference in gasoline prices. While gasoline costs 0.61 £ in Toronto, it costs 1.25 £ in Belfast, which is more than twice the Toronto price.

2. Job Opportunities

Another major concern for every immigrant is their source of livelihood, which aggravates further if there are no genuine job opportunities. Thankfully, both Belfast and Toronto boast a high employment growth rate.

Although both the employment percentage and the employment growth rate are higher in Belfast, Toronto offers many more jobs because of its size as it is almost five times bigger than Belfast in area. Also, Toronto has been a hub for immigrants for many years, which makes it a more preferred choice for immigrants.

3. Air Quality

If you’re someone who’s got young kids or old parents, then the overall climatic condition is a factor that must have crossed your mind. While both Belfast and Toronto are clean cities, Toronto’s average air quality index is slightly better than Belfast.

Thus, Toronto makes for an excellent place if you want to emigrate along with your kids and parents. Moreover, drinking water pollution and dissatisfaction with garbage disposal is substantially higher in Belfast is quite high.

Bottom Line

Although Belfast and Toronto are mind-boggling places to emigrate to, Toronto definitely holds a slightly upper hand. It is possibly due to its reputation of a highly emigrant-friendly city, however, certain factors like transportation costs and environment also play a critical role.

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