Belfast Barber Creates Touching Ad Amid COVID Chaos

“Some Things Never Change” Campaign Launches Today for Jonathan Logue Barbershop

A Belfast barber has launched a powerful ad campaign as he prepares to reopen his doors following Northern Ireland’s latest set of COVID-19 restrictions.

Jonathan Logue, who runs the eponymous Jonathan Logue Barbershop in Church Lane, described the ad as “a symbol of some of the things that remain essential and important in a world that’s always changing”.

“The ad was really designed to serve as a reminder to our customers, and to the city at large, that things are going to be okay and that we’re going to get through this together,” Logue said. “Once we arrived at that idea, the concept came together very quickly”.

The 45 second spot, titled “Some Things Never Change”, was directed by Leo McGuigan and filmed in late September with COVID protocols adhered to. It launched on Thursday and was produced by Gerard McGuigan of Chalet 9 Entertainment, a commercial production company based in Belfast and Toronto. Gerard handles operations for the company’s Toronto branch while brother Leo is on the ground in Belfast.

The spot follows a young boy as he journeys into adulthood with the help of his local barber, watching history unfold around him — from the beginnings of the peace process to the 2008 financial crisis. It features musician Joe McKeague of Belfast band The Rapparees in a prominent role, as well as his young son Patrick McKeague. Also featured in the ad is Lurgan actor Maitiu McGibbon.

“Our goal was to communicate a simple yet very effective story,” the brothers’ McGuigan said in a statement. “In a year that’s been devastating for too many people and too many industries, we wanted to convey a sense of unity; the idea that we’ve made it through these kinds of storms before, as a city and as a world, and that by sticking together we can do it again”.

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