Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Here’s How You Can Be Your Best Self This Summer

Let’s be honest with each other: New Year’s Resolutions rarely make it past January. Why? Because they are too ambitious. They are carrying all the pressure and guilt of an entire year, not to mention a holiday season spent treating ourselves. And when we think about the kind of year that we all had in 2020, it’s fair to say that we were all pretty desperate to get ourselves as far away as possible from all of that awfulness.

So, if you’re looking at the list of New Year’s Resolutions that you made months ago and you’re beating yourself up because you’ve only crossed one or two off the list, it’s time to take a step back and breathe. December and January are a horrible time of year to make resolutions for how to be happier and healthier. The weather is awful, the days are short, and right now we are all leaning hard into our creature comforts as we miss our friends and families, not to mention a lot of the activities we would usually do to make ourselves feel better.

Summer, however, is the perfect time to start being a bit better to yourself, to start living a little healthier and start taking a bit more care. The sun is shining again, the days are longer, and the news is finally starting to look a little more positive. So, let’s have a look at some practical, simple steps that you can take towards looking and feeling your best.

Make A Plan For Your New Exercise Routine

As we mentioned, one of the most common reasons why self-improvement resolutions fall apart is because they are unrealistic, and exercise is always going to be one of these. As we try to lose those seasonal pounds, we make plans that sound feasible on paper but are impractical to keep up on a regular basis. So, before you get out there again, or before you declare that getting fit is simply never going to happen, draw up a timetable. Think about what times you have during the week that you can devote to exercise, and how much you can realistically do without pushing yourself too hard. Once you have a regular routine with achievable goals, the rest will fall into place.

Be Kinder To Your Teeth With Simple Steps

Let’s be honest, all of us have something about our teeth that we’d like to fix. Whether you find that you can’t shift that slight discoloration, no matter how many whitening strips you use, or the alignment is finding a way to irritate you more with each passing day, it’s fair to say that we’re all a little self-conscious about our pearly whites. But before you decide to fork out a huge sum of money for an expensive dental or orthodontic procedure, there are some smaller steps you can take in the meantime.

To start with, it’s important to remember to be kind to your teeth and gums. Floss gently, brush thoroughly, and rinse with mouthwash, and try to avoid having too many sugary or acidic foods and drinks. If your teeth are crooked and you’re concerned that they look unsightly, or you find them hard to keep clean, then you could consider straightening them. There are many different types of braces out there, so you can find the right ones to suit your lifestyle. Adult braces are surprisingly comfortable and cost-effective. Check out this teeth braces cost guide from the experts at Straight My Teeth to find an option that fits your budget and enhances your smile in time for those summer holiday snaps.

Put Down That Cellphone And Sleep Better

How many of us have been scrolling through social media and suddenly caught sight of the time, only to realize that we’ve been staring at it for ages? And how many of us have said that we really need to start sleeping better this year? As much as saying that the bedroom should be a screen-free zone is a cliché, it’s also true. Research suggests that we should try and have at least a half hour of time away from our screens before we go to sleep, so if you want to start sleeping better in the coming months, start from there.

Good, restful sleep is so important for our physical and mental health, and spending hours upon hours doom-scrolling the news certainly isn’t doing the latter any good. Also, if you commit to spending an hour before bed without your phone, you might be able to make a good start on that “read more books” resolution you made too!

Above All, Be Kind To Yourself

Knowing that the last year has been spectacularly difficult doesn’t always make it simple to take it easy on yourself, but the most important thing to remember when you’re planning for self-improvement is that there are going to be some speed bumps. Some things may take longer than you thought, some things might just not work out.

No matter how your journey through these resolutions goes this spring, remember to take some time for yourself to just breathe and find some calm. We’re all doing the best we can, and while we go to great lengths to look after other people, you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself too.

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