Award winning play Jimmy Titanic comes to @TitanicBelfast – October 17-20

Colin Hamell - Jimmy Titanic

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“This is Titanic like you’ve never seen it before. Having gone down with the ship, Jimmy has rock star status in heaven and boy does he milk it. Flirting with angels, rewriting history and with a direct line to an unlikely God – Jimmy Titanic is a unique take on the story of the greatest ship ever built..

The award-winning play Jimmy Titanic will make its Northern Ireland premiere at Titanic Belfast, the home of the world’s most famous liner, RMS Titanic as part of the 2013 Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s.

The show, which has won acclaim in north America, will feature in The Alternative Festival at Titanic Belfast – a celebration of art, drama and debate.

Set between Heaven and Titanic, Jimmy Titanic follows the story of two proud shipyard workers from Belfast who made it on to Titanic and who still haven’t quite made it off.

Ship-building was their lives. Titanic was the time of their lives. And even now, in heaven, one hundred years later, they step back aboard Titanic every day – riding its notoriety, struggling with its legacy, forever consumed by ‘the Wondership’.

Produced by TirNa theatre in Boston USA, Jimmy Titanic makes its first appearance at the birthplace of Titanic with shows running from October 18 to October 20.

Jimmy Titanic is a one-man show with actor Colin Hamell playing more than 20 different roles including, Jimmy Boylan, Tommy Mackey, Angel Gabriel, Titanic Passengers, Titanic Crew, andchairman of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay.

The Alternative Festival at Titanic Belfast, running from October 17-20, will include Goliath Goes to Sea, a film presented by the late Magnus Magnasson, focusing on life on Queen’s Island, Belfast in the early 1970s, and Let’s Talk Titanic, a fascinating series of debates on the great liner.

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