Asda welcomes a very special shopper : The amazing 102 years ‘young’ Jean McCullagh from Larne

L-R: Jean's daughter, Sheila Mills, Jean McCullagh and Asda Community Champion, Catherine McCallion, enjoy a special shopping trip at Asda Larne.

The amazing 102 years ‘young’ Jean McCullagh from Larne received a welcome belated birthday surprise this week in the form of her first shopping trip to her local Asda – thanks to the store’s intuitive Community Champion, Catherine McCallion.

After meeting Jean and her daughter Sheila at a local community group, Catherine realised that for many years, the close duo had been unable to shop together, simply because they had been unaware of the wheelchair facilities on offer in Asda Larne.

Jean McCullagh said: “Normally when my family visit the store, I sit in the car – so it’s really lovely to be able to come into the store, which is much bigger than I expected!

“My children are always talking about their shopping experience in our local Asda, and I have been so curious as to what it’s like. I am already looking forward to my next trip!”

Sheila Mills, Jean’s daughter, added: “A really big thank-you to Community Champion, Catherine, for helping make Mum’s visit possible. Mum and I met Catherine through our knitting group which she volunteers at. We didn’t realise that Asda Larne had a wheelchair which Mum could use, so really appreciate Catherine’s help in arranging this visit.

“My Mum – who has recently celebrated her 102nd birthday – will definitely be accompanying me on my trips to the store!”

After a successful shopping trip, Catherine and her colleagues at Asda Larne are looking forward to welcoming Jean back for a return visit in the near future.

Speaking about her role as Asda Larne Community Champion, Catherine McCallion said:

“My favourite part of being an Asda Community Champion is the opportunity to get out and about in the community – and that includes attending the knitting group with Jean and Sheila every week.”

“When Jean mentioned to me at one of our meetings that she would love to go instore, but thought she wouldn’t be able to – I made it my mission to arrange her visit. At 102 Jean really is an inspiration, and we had such a giggle going round the store – she has her eye on one of our George fur ponchos!”


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