Help those struggling to observe dry January with some gorgeous non-alcoholic cocktails!

As the last days of the month creep by, meticulously being ticked off the calendar by people struggling to observe Dry January, here are some gorgeous non-alcoholic cocktails to help you get through the last weekend, from Ken Sharp, proprietor of The Boat House and The Salty Dog, Bangor.

Seedlip Cocktails

Papa’s Garden Flower

50ml Seedlip Garden

35ml Papa’s Elderflower Cordial

15ml Fresh Lemon

1 inch Cucumber skinned

Skin section of cucumber, add to Boston glass with fresh lemon, muddle, then add remaining ingredients, shake, and double strain into martini glass.

Sugar & Spice

50ml Seedlip Spice

50ml Lady Marmalade Tea

5ml Gomme

5ml Orange Flower water

Poachers Well Orange & Rosemary infused Tonic Water

Add all ingredients apart from tonic to Boston glass, shake and double strain to glass, top up with tonic

Seedlip is a unique drink that uses the type of distillates that go into gin for the flavor but is completely non-alcoholic. It’s billed as the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit and is complemented in these cocktails by local Bangor producers Papas Elderflower cordial and Miss Mckeown’s Teas.

Poachers Tonic is produced in Wexford.