Black puddings, Baps and Bollywood as Indian TV (@NDTVCooks) visits @CafeConor


The good people of New Delhi are learning about Belfast baps and black pudding after a foodie show – Will Travel for Food – visited South Belfast’s Cafe Conor recently.

The show, presented by Aneesha Baig from NDTV (New Delhi TV) was broadcast to 2 million food lovers in the subcontinent and is also available on line.


While at the Stranmillis eatery, she sampled such delicacies as the breakfast bap – stuffed with bacon and sausage, Conor’s signature dish the Big Breakfast (a massive grilled version of the Ulster Fry), freshly baked scones slathered with butter and jam and the smoked mackerel salad.

In the show Aneesha explains the origin of the term ‘bap’ as standing for Bread at Affordable Prices, a factoid that many people in Northern Ireland probably don’t know.

She was also intrigued by the black pudding – one of the items she was most keen to try on her visit. She says to her audience “before any of you start wondering why anyone would want to start their day with blood, take a bite.”

Restaurant co-owner William Clark and manager Kellie Brennan were interviewed on the show, explaining the provenance of their produce and the history of the restaurant, which is the former artist’s studio of painter William Conor.

On her visit to Belfast, Aneesha took in local tourist attractions such as the Titanic Centre and restaurants and pubs including the Dark Horse, Long’s Fish and Chips and the Belfast Barge.

“It was an amazing experience to have Aneesha and her crew come to Cafe Conor. They had such a different take on our food – things we take for granted like smoked mackerel or scones, they just loved,” William Clark said.

A portion of Will Travel For Food can be watched online at


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