5,000 National Lottery Millionaires Reveal All Unique stats for Northern Ireland released as milestone reached

5000 Millionaires
WHAT WOULD YOU SPEND IT ON?: Anna Henry and Ciaran Sloan celebrate an amazing 5,000 Millionaires being created by The National Lottery across the UK, with a recent survey revealing that the NI public is most likely to spend their winnings on buying a new home (63%) and splashing the cash on helping out friends and family (44%).
5000 Millionaires
WHAT WOULD YOU SPEND IT ON?: Anna Henry and Ciaran Sloan celebrate an amazing 5,000 Millionaires being created by The National Lottery across the UK, with a recent survey revealing that the NI public is most likely to spend their winnings on buying a new home (63%) and splashing the cash on helping out friends and family (44%).

The National Lottery has now created an amazing 5,000 millionaires across the UK, with an astonishing 1,000 having been made in just 29 months – at a rate of more than one every day.

New data released today has revealed just how many of those winners are in Northern Ireland and provides insight into what winners say is the best thing about winning (you might be surprised) and also what players in Northern Ireland would do if they were to strike it lucky.


Lotto Luck in Northern Ireland

Analysis of the 5,000 reveals that National Lottery luck is booming in Northern Ireland, where no fewer than 117 millionaires* have been created since the very first draw on Saturday November 19, 1994.

By the same date last year, 103 local millionaires had been created which means that an incredible 14 NEW millionaires have been made in just 12 months – by far our luckiest year to date with an average of one millionaire EVERY 26 DAYS.

In all 748 players from Northern Ireland have banked a big prize of £50,000 or more – out of a national UK figure of more than 38,800 big winners across all National Lottery games since 1994.

Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at the National Lottery said, “The winners team here at Camelot travel the length and breadth of the country paying out lucky winners every day.  It is no surprise to me to see how lucky Northern Ireland has been and I’m sure we’ll be back there soon with another giant cheque.”

5000 Millionaires


The best bit?

Contrary to popular wisdom National Lottery millionaires have declared that the best thing about their win isn’t the lifestyle it buys you, but rather the happiness from sharing the cash with others.

Research reveals that gifting to friends, family and charity remains the top priority for winners, with almost half declaring that it is the sharing of the win that has given them the most happiness. These gifts include cash, holidays, cars and houses, but in another sign of the win benefitting others for years to come, for a fifth it now means helping others with university fees.

This gifting means that the 5,000 millionaires have created an astonishing 1,750 further millionaires by sharing their windfall.  And National Lottery wins are now also starting to support future generations.  In all 57% of winners will make their child or children a millionaire and 36% believe they will make their grandchildren millionaires in the future.

The research also revealed that National Lottery millionaires are shunning expensive material items for personal experiences and life enhancing travel.  More than half of the millionaires are now spending more on experiences rather than possessions.

Andy Carter said, “After the shock and excitement nearly all of our winners’ first question is how they can look after their nearest and dearest.  In many cases this seems to be the winner’s even greater joy than thinking about how they can treat themselves.

“I see first-hand the effect a win can have on the circle of people close to a winner, and this always reminds me that at heart people are kind and generous.”


What would the people of Northern Ireland do with £1M?

A survey has revealed that the country’s generous nature is alive and well in Northern Ireland.  The public revealed that, along with getting a new home, gifting would be top of the list of things to do after a win.

While 63% of Northern Ireland folk would fork out for a new home, 44% would splash the cash on helping out family and friends.  We’re also the most charitable region of the UK with 17% saying they would give money to charity – compared to a national average of 12%.

With a massive win it is clear that it wouldn’t just be the winner who would benefit in Northern Ireland.  An impressive 42% admit that they would be tempted to make family members millionaires also, with 21% extending that generosity to include friends.

More than any other region in the UK, 24% of NI players would, if they could, like to make two friends or family millionaires, with 9% saying they would like to create 10-12 millionaires and 3% willing to create more than 20!

Local players would also prioritise experience and travel over possessions or luxury items.  In Northern Ireland, 57% would look to life enhancing events over and above the 13% who prefer materialistic items.

The National Lottery research also reveals that Northern Ireland players would be the most likely in the UK to give up work and have amazing holidays (21%).

Escaping the Northern Ireland weather is also high on the agenda with NI players almost twice as likely as any other region in the UK to choose a villa in a hot country as their dream home.


2018 Millionaire Study

Some things don’t seem to have changed since our millionaire research began, one of those is that a win is seen as a unique opportunity to help those nearest to you.  Many winners look to support children and grandchildren, making the win work for their family for many decades.  Almost half of winners declare that the sharing of their win is the best thing about becoming a millionaire.

  • 98% of millionaires gift to family
  • Giving to others has brought half of big winners (47%) players the most happiness since winning The National Lottery over and above giving up work and buying new possessions
  • These generous gifts have not only come in the form of cash (89%), but also holidays (63%), cars (49%) and houses (40%). For the first time we have seen university fees feature as a gift with over a fifth helping others to prepare for the future
  • Those 5,000 millionaires have proved to be a generous bunch – an incredible 1,750 millionaires been created from generous financial gifts alone
  • 57% of winner’s children will be millionaires because of the win. 36% believe that they will be able to make their grandchildren millionaires
  • On average winners have given away 19% of their winnings
  • It isn’t just gifts 27% set up their own business – with half of these employing at least one person people – Minibus company, flower shop, cake making business, pubs, buy to let business, property development
  • 88% of winners donate to charity. This isn’t just cash but also time – with 78% choosing to volunteer.

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