5 Reasons to Change Your Name

Changing your name is an action that many people want to do. Some of them decide to go through with it. It is actually an easier process than you might think in many instances.

We’ll talk about some possible reasons you may want to change your name in the following article.

You Never Liked Your Name

You should know that you can change your name whether you live in the US or the UK. In the UK, you can do it with the help of an entity like the UK Deed Poll Office.

If you never liked your name, that could be a reason to change it. Let’s face it: every person does not love their name. Maybe you had parents who decided to name you something they thought sounded very unique and interesting. The name they came up with was unconventional, but that doesn’t mean it rolled off the tongue.

Maybe kids made fun of you because of your name when you were in school. Perhaps you made a face every time you had to write it down. Maybe you even didn’t like introducing yourself because you hated having to talk about the name’s origin every time you did.

All of those could be legitimate reasons to legally change your name. If you pick your own name, you can try to forget about the painful or embarrassing experiences that went with the old one.

You Marry Someone or Divorce Them

You might also change your name if you marry someone or divorce them. When you marry someone, you don’t legally have to take their name, and they don’t legally have to take yours. You can keep your old names if you like.

However, you might want to take someone’s name because you love them, and you want to show the world your commitment to them. You may take on their name to show you’ve blended your families. You can also keep your old last name and add the new one along with a hyphen if you’d like.

You might also get a divorce, and if that happens, you may want to go back to your old name. Maybe the divorce caused a lot of negative feelings for you, and you don’t want to keep carrying your former spouse’s last name.

If so, changing your legal name back to what it was before can make you feel like you’re moving forward and reclaiming your life. You might feel some catharsis making this move.

You Want to Change Your Name for Showbusiness

You might want to change your name because you’re getting into showbusiness, and you want to create a new persona for yourself. You might not know this, but many individuals change their names if they want to go to Hollywood or become politicians.

Marilyn Monroe changed her birth name to something that sounded better to her ears when she tried to attain Hollywood stardom. Rodney Dangerfield did the same thing.

If you change your name to something that you feel will do better in the world you’re entering, you might gain some newfound confidence because of that. You might do this if you’re trying to enter sports, politics, the music industry, or something similar.

You might come up with a list of names and practice saying them aloud. You can probably come up with the perfect one if you spend enough time on the project.

You’re Trying to Get Away from Someone

Maybe you decide to change your name because there’s someone in your life who you want to shut out. Perhaps that’s an old spouse or partner. Maybe they abused you emotionally or even physically.

That’s a tough situation, and it happens far too often. You can move away to try and lose this person, but maybe they keep coming after you. You can certainly look into getting a restraining order against them, but even that might not stop them from finding you.

Changing your name if this keeps happening is a logical move. You might come up with some derivation of your current name, or maybe you’ll go with something completely different.

You can change your name, move to a different place, and take on an entirely new identity. This may not seem like the ideal solution to you, but if it keeps you safe, it’s at least worth considering it.

Your Old Name Has Negative Connotations

Maybe you made mistakes in your life. You did some things that make you feel ashamed, or you want a fresh start. Perhaps you killed someone in a drunk driving accident, or you embezzled money.

Your old name might have negative connotations because you come from a family that did something the public perceives as wrong. The last name you bear will make someone dislike you from the moment you introduce yourself. Whether you actually did anything wrong or not, your family name might seem like a curse that follows you around.

Any time your old name has negative thoughts or feelings that go along with it, you can pick a new one for yourself. Once you legally change your name, you might feel a lot better. You can hold your head up high in the streets, and you don’t have to feel bad when you introduce yourself to someone new.

No one has to know about your old identity if you take pains to conceal it. You can move on to a new and different life phase and leave the past behind you.

Think carefully before you go through with a name change. While it’s not that difficult in most instances, it’s a legal action, and you should not undertake it lightly.

You might need to practice calling yourself by the new name and to have other people call you that as well. You might introduce yourself by the old name by accident a few times till you can say the new moniker effortlessly. In time, you should become more fully your new self.

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