#2013WPFG: What you’ll need to know ahead of the opening ceremony

2013wpfg opening ceremony
Alexandra Godfrey (c) 2013

Q Where is the Opening Ceremony taking place?

A The King’s Hall complex on Thursday.

Q What time is it all starting?

A Doors open for the ceremony at 3pm.

Q Who’s all going and should I get down early?

A 14, 000 will be there. The advice is get down early and enjoy the action.

Q Where will cars park at the venue?

A There will be a car-park at the playing fields on Boucher Road, but no parking at the King’s Hall.

Q What public transport is there to hop on?

A A special Translink shuttle services (bus and train) will depart from Great Victoria Street Rail Station from 2.30pm.

Q How can people get home from the events?

A Translink services will be available from 9pm.

Q How much will travelling cost?

A It’s free if you have your Opening Ceremony ticket with you.

Q What about wheelchair access?

A A number of disability vehicles are available from Boucher Road to the ceremony.

Q Are there still tickets available?

A No, but the event will be streamed live online on www.bbc.co.uk/ni

Q How can I find out about events once games begin?

A You can download a full, detailed schedule online.

Q How many sports are there?

A Around 56 different sports will be showcased over the 10 days of the games.

Q What sports will be played?

A As well as the traditional sports seen at most international multi-sport events there are also more unusual events such as the Ultimate Firefighter, Muster and Toughest Competitor Alive.

Q Where will the games be held?

A They’ll be across the province, using local swimming pools and outdoor spaces including Stormont Estate.

Q Are events only being held in Belfast?

A No. Londonderry, Newry, Cookstown and Newcastle will all host games. There’s even Surfing on the East Strand Portrush (August 6-8).

Q Is it true there will be a stair race among the events at the games?

A Yes. The Stair Race will take place in the Obel Building in Belfast on Sunday.

Q Will it cost to see the events?

A Entry to most events is free and access to venues is on a first come, first served basis.

Q Can we see all the events?

A No public access is available at the following venues: Hydebank Wood – Field and 3D Archery, Ballykinler Training Centre – Biathlon, Pistol PAP & PPC, Rifle Large Bore and Small Bore, Shotgun – Sporting Clays and SWAT (except friends and family), Athletes’ Village – Wrist Wrestling.

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