Who Are The 7 Greatest Soccer Players Right Now?

Soccer is a wonderful sport and it draws numerous fans from different parts of the world. In soccer, each team consists of 11 players, but some continuously display outstanding performance and they are ranked as the best globally. As such, we have compiled this list of the 7 greatest soccer players right now to give you some insight into the different factors that determine one’s ability to qualify as a great player. 

How Greatest Soccer Players are Selected

English soccer is probably the most popular across the whole world and it offers the most high-profile leagues compared to other regions. Most prominent players from different countries in the whole world often leave an indelible mark in football especially when they feature in English soccer. Popular leagues include the Champions League, Premier League, UEFA as well as LA LIGA, among others. Greatest soccer players of the day are usually drawn from participants in these leagues. The information available from the professionals of www.ronaldo.com features different top-flight leagues and great players who often make it into the top charts. Players who participate in different league fixtures are likely to gain more recognition and this helps improve their rankings.  

1. Lionel Messi 

Lionel Messi is considered to be the best soccer player now and he is excellent in everything on the football pitch. For instance, he dribbles the ball faster than any other player can and he is highly skillful when it comes to ball passing. Messi is an excellent team player and he always creates a winning strategy given the slightest opportunity. On top of that, Messi boasts of the highest number of goals totaling 717 to date. He currently plays for FC Barcelona.

2. Neymar

Neymar is a talented footballer and he currently plays for the Paris Saint Germain team. He was the most expensive player during the 2019/20 season. He is also capable of changing the game like Lionel Messi. Neymar is currently 27 years and he is very skillful, an excellent passer, and he is also a first-class finisher. 

3. N’Golo Kante 

N’Golo is a brilliant attacking midfielder for Chelsea FC. Though he does not display flashy footwork, he is perfectly brilliant on the pitch and is known to create winning opportunities for his team. N’Golo rarely scores but he relentlessly chases the ball for 90 minutes and adds great value to his side. 

4. Virgil Van Dijk 

Van Dijk plays for Liverpool FC and he is ranked as the best defender in Premier League History. Dijk is an intelligent player and his physique makes him the best in European soccer. Should his side, Liverpool win the Premier League title for the 2019/20 season after the resumption of games, Van Dijk will get a lot of credit. He diligently played throughout the season to ensure that his team did not unnecessarily concede goals.  

5. Kevin De Bruyne 

De Bruyne plays for Manchester City but he is Belgian. He is a powerful player, but he plays his game effortlessly but with severe effects on his opponents. His first touch skills and range of passing is next to none in the game. De Bruyne is always aware of what is happening around him during the game which entails that he can dictate the pace of the game. He is also capable of drifting past the defenders and hitting memorable shots. 

6. Kylian Mbappe 

Mbappe is still 21 and he has achieved a lot during his career. He has been featured in the world cup, won three Ligue titles, as well as the Coupe de France. He has won the Golden Boy award and he also boasts of 122 career goals to date. The young Frenchman has great potential to surpass the records set by the other great players. 

7. Paul Pogba 

Pogba plays for Manchester United and he is a world-class player when he represents his country at the international level. He is a true midfielder and he plays with flair and power. Pogba displays a love for the game and he utilizes different opportunities to the advantage of his team. 

If you are a true soccer lover, then you can agree that some players are great, even if they do not play for your favorite team. The above-mentioned soccer players are believed to be the greatest in the world right now. To come up with the rankings of these different soccer players, many factors were considered.  All the same, great players do not remain in top positions since things constantly change over time. A great player today may be found on the other side of the ranking list if they fail to maintain consistency in their performance.  

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