What do you need to become a DJ?

There can be so many reasons you might choose to be a DJ, from an absolute love and passion of creating music, a love of dance and bringing people together, or a gift for creating new sounds. Whatever your reason is, there are a few things you need to become a successful DJ. From knowing enough about the industry to getting the right DJ accessories, to understanding the basic techniques of Djing, read through our list to get you started on your path to becoming a successful DJ in no time.

Know about the different types of DJ

When you’re trying to become a DJ, it is really important that you have a good understanding of the different kinds of DJs out there. This is both so you can know where you fit, as well as to identify other people in the industry that you may want to work or collaborate with. There are 4 main types of DJ:

  1. Radio DJ: Works on radio stations to play songs and keep listeners entertained with announcements and conversation throughout sets.
  2. Club DJ: This may be a resident DJ for just one club, or work in different clubs for different events. The job of the Club DJ is to keep an eye on the mood of the room and keep crowds happy and dancing all night long.
  3. Turntablist: This type of DJ is most akin to a celebrity musician, as they will build reputations and audiences and draw crowds to venues to see them play.
  4. Mobile DJ: This is not a DJ that works just from their phone! A mobile DJ works at big events like graduations and weddings and provides wall to wall crowd-pleasers to keep everyone happy and on their feet the entire night.

Pick your medium and grow your music collection

So chances are if you’ve already decided to become a DJ you will have an idea in place as to which medium you’ll be using. Different DJ types will work with different mediums, so keep in mind what kind of music you’ll be playing and the types of venues you’re likely to work in.

Usually, a DJ will focus on just one medium, either working digitally or using vinyl. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so do some research before committing either way.

Club DJs, as an example, often work with vinyl due to the deeper and better quality of sound. Since vinyl can be expensive and take time to build up a collection, the DJs who work with this medium often take a much more personalised approach to curating their sets and their libraries both. Although vinyl can be expensive new, there are lots of used record stores, car boot sales and thrift stores which DJs can search to find good quality cheap vinyl. Additionally, look online at sites like eBay to scour for bargains and sought-after records. To protect all your vinyl you’ve spent all your money and time collecting, as well as to get the best sound out of it you possibly can make sure you get the best DJ accessories to go with your turntables.

The main advantage to working digitally is the sheer volume of music you can collect and transport with you at all times. Carrying around a laptop or memory card with thousands of songs on it is much easier than carrying lots of vinyl. Because of this, digital makes sense especially if you work lots of events and parties. The ability to take requests and keep a crowd happy will work to your advantage in these settings. Consider using online resources like SoundCloud, Beatport or Traxsource to find a huge library of high-quality digital tracks which you can buy and add to your collection in a few simple clicks.

Learn a few basic skills to get you started

Take a course, experiment at home, shadow an established DJ, or watch some YouTube videos. Whatever method you choose, if you want to become a DJ you need to learn the skills of the trade. If you don’t know where to start, get to grips with the slang, and research some keywords you find. This is just a start, and to become a successful DJ you don’t just need all the latest DJ accessories, you’ll need to have a good set of skills under your belt, and the experience to go with it.

Get the right equipment

Once you’ve decided on your path, started a great music collection and learned the first steps of DJ technique, it’s time to make sure you have the right equipment. There is a variety of both software and hardware out there for aspiring DJs, so do some research and work out what will work best for you. Particularly if you are using vinyl, it is important to research the right DJ accessories to keep your gear protected and get a great sound every time.

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