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VIEWdigital: valuable, independent journalism

If you value good journalism on important social issues, why not join the VIEWdigital community as a paid subscriber this summer?

You’ll receive the premium, print edition of VIEW magazine, delivered to your doorstep.

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Our distinctive, quality, journalism on social issues makes a valuable contribution to Northern Ireland. VIEW magazine is co-produced with guest editors, many who are community campaigners and experts with lived experience. We source grass-roots voices for stories, not elites. Our audience participates in the news gathering process and is never passive!

Paid subscriber Bridget Meehan said:

“I like receiving the print copy of VIEW magazine; they always have a theme which is explored in-depth and it’s unusual to find that level of detail and investigation in the media today.

“I work as a policy officer for Advice NI and I’m involved with the Our Money mutual bank campaign as well as Collaboration for Change, a network of progressive initiatives across Ireland.”

Paid Subscriber Ann Allen said:

“I find that @VIEWdigital keeps me up to date on social issues which I wouldn’t find in other media. Being online makes access so easy.”

If you can help to fund good journalism at VIEWdigital, use this link https://viewdigital.org/become-a-paid-subscriber/ to the 50% discount offer to become a PAID subscriber.

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