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Find Insurance NI

Find Insurance NI

Car Insurance broker Find Insurance NI’s advice for driving in the winter months. 

As we head into the winter season and the night’s draw in and morning commutes are in the dark as clocks go back. It’s important to get your car-ready and also your mind-set for safer driving.

Find Insurance NI have the expertise of over 45 years in the car insurance industry and know all about safer driving.

Managing Director – Colin Mullan told LoveBelfast “It’s very important that drivers are aware of the added dangers of winter driving and preparing your car for the dropping temperature and adverse elements affecting your vehicle in relation to rain, ice and the inevitable snow we seem to be getting quite regularly now.”

He continued, “Also drivers need to prepare themselves mentally to adapt to sudden changes to conditions and negate the risk of accidents and collisions which compound car insurance prices and raise the costs overall. Ultimately, slowing down can make a significant difference to decreasing the risk of having an accident.”

Breakdowns are also more common in the winter, especially when snow and ice strike. Find Insurance NI have created a list of top-tips for drivers in Northern Ireland.

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