Titanic Quarter Cycling Club dedicate a club ride to Kalamazoo tragedy

Members of Titanic Quarter Cycling Club dedicated a memorial ride to five cyclists killed in Michigan, USA on June 8. The #KalamazooStrong Ride saw the Belfast club join others in the US, Canada and the Philippines, honour the victims of the tragic road incident, and the town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Titanic Quarter CC road from their base in Belfast to Comber, observing a one-minute silence in front of Belfast City Hall during the ride.

Titanic Quarter Cycling Club today dedicated a club ride to five cyclists tragically killed in Michigan, USA, earlier this month.

The Belfast club joined others in the United States, Canada and the Philippines, dedicating a club ride to the victims of a incident that shocked the town of Kalamazoo on June 8 when a pick-up truck driver ploughed into a group of nine cyclists, killing five instantly.

The five cyclists killed were Debra Bradley, 53, Melissa A. Fevig-Hughes, 42, Fred Anton Nelson, 73, Lorenz J. (Larry) Paulik, 74, and Suzanne Sippel, 56. The injured cyclists are Paul D. Gobble, 47, Sheila D. Jeske, 53, Jennifer L. Johnson, 40, and Paul L. Runnels, 65.

More than 30 Titanic Quarter CC riders took part in their #KalamazooStrong Memorial Ride from their base in the historic Titanic Quarter and made their way to Belfast City Hall where they stood in silence for one minute in honour of those who had died. The club then cycled to Comber before returning home.

The club’s chairman, Phil Corr, said: “The tragedy in Kalamazoo resonated with cyclists all over the world. This was a terrible incident and we feel for the families of the victims. They were enjoying a leisure ride and did not return home. By hosting our #KalamazooStrong Memorial Ride, Titanic Quarter Cycling Club is sending our strength and support to the families and to the people of Kalamazoo.”

The pickup driver, Charles Pickett Jr, has been charged with five counts of second-degree murder and four counts of reckless driving that led to the crash.

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