Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard to launch new Ocean Exploration Centre at @TitanicBelfast



Legendary ocean explorer Dr. Robert Ballard will open a new Ocean Exploration Centre at Titanic Belfast this month.

The former US Navy Officer, who rose to fame on September 1 1985 when he discovered RMS Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean, will officially launch the Ocean Exploration Centre at Titanic Belfast as part of several engagements at the visitor attraction on March 20, which include a public lecture about his discovery of Titanic.

The Ocean Exploration Centre at Titanic Belfast will offer state-of-the-art technology unique to the venue, bringing valuable insights to the undersea world and its mysteries to visitors and education groups of all ages.

It will also offer exciting live interactions with Dr. Ballard’s exploration vessel E/V Nautilus as it explores the world’s oceans, as well as an exclusive link with Dr. Ballard’s Inner Space Centre in Rhode Island, USA.

Titanic Belfast’s Ocean Exploration Centre Manager Susan Heaney said: “Visitors, educators and students can now learn about the shores, oceans and marine life around us in a fun, engaging and interactive gallery using the most amazing technology.

“Linking up with E/V Nautilus and Dr. Ballard for live events and being able to watch the ship’s crew at work wherever they are in the world is a fantastic addition to the exhibition at Titanic Belfast. The OEC is an important feature of Titanic’s legacy.”

Dr Robert Ballard said: “Credit must go to Titanic Belfast for its investment and vision in such an important subject matter. We have learned a lot about the oceans from Titanic’s tragedy, lessons that we abide by to this day.

“Titanic is teaching us day by day, and through the new Ocean Exploration Centre at Titanic Belfast we can continue to appreciate the importance of oceans around us and fascinating life within them.

“I’m excited about being at Titanic Belfast to see its new OEC and proud to endorse its aims and values.”

For details on Dr. Robert Ballard’s public lecture at Titanic Belfast on March 20, 2014, visit:www.titanicbelfast.com



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