The Magic of Ginseng: 7 Health Benefits You Can Get From Ginseng

When it comes to healing and wellness, look no further than nature itself. Nature is full of things that can help you become healthier and stronger. In most cases, nature can even help you recover from a serious illness. From fruits, meat, vegetables, and even certain minerals, nature has no shortage of its bounties.

One of nature’s most valuable treasures is secretly buried underground, growing slowly but surely into one of the most potent herbs known to humanity. This herb is known as ginseng. Ginseng is a herb, but its most valuable and potent parts are its roots. Most of the time, ginseng is also known as “man-root” as most ginseng resembles the figure of a man.

Since ginseng grows slowly into a powerful medicinal wonder, its commercial and medical value is precious. In 2019, wild ginseng was reportedly selling for $500 to 800 per pound. With that said, why is ginseng such a valuable herb? The benefits below will provide you with the answer to that question.

Powerful Antioxidant

Ginseng extracts have compounds within them that inhibit or prevent inflammation. These compounds also increased the antioxidant capacities in cells. For example, in most Asian countries, herbal medicine features ginseng extracts when treating eczema.

Antioxidants are also essential elements in fighting off free radicals. Free radicals are often the cause of cancer. Although it’s not a fact, some people have been known to get better from cancer by including ginseng in their diets.


Before we delve into this benefit further, it should be known that there are two main types of ginseng: American and Korean. Korean ginseng is warmer and is used in colder conditions. Ginseng of the Asian and Korean variety is often used in warm teas and energy health drinks.

In workplaces that have graveyard shifts, drinks that have ginseng in them are popular alternatives for coffee. Moreover, with flu and other illnesses gaining traction nowadays, a lot of people drink preparations with ginseng to further invigorate them to avoid exacerbating their condition.

Cooling Effect

As mentioned above, there are two kinds of ginseng. This time, we’ll talk about the American variety. American ginseng has a more cooling effect and is used in warm applications. So for people with “too much” heat in their bodies, drinking a cup of American ginseng tea will help cool them down.

Has Anti-aging Properties

Speaking of free radicals, these compounds have a lot of adverse effects on the skin. On the other hand, antioxidants reduce the number of free radicals your body takes in. Due to the antioxidants found in ginseng, many people use anti-aging creams on their face and skin with ginseng in them.

Helps Prevent Flu

With a few sips of ginseng-based drinks, you’ll have a significant energy boost, even if you’re feeling down. Nowadays, a simple flu can be devastating. However, with people being more health-conscious nowadays, a lot heed sound medical advice and prepare themselves if they’re starting to feel sick.

The extract from red ginseng, in particular, was found to improve the survival rates of human epithelial cells that are infected with the influenza virus. Usually, weak immune systems would succumb to this ailment. However, with the help of medicine, proper care and consultation, and of course, ginseng, people are getting less sick because of influenza.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Ginsenosides are the main components of ginseng. These components can affect the way insulin is produced in our bodies. Ginseng also improves insulin resistance. Although more studies are needed to verify ginseng’s effects, the staggering amount of results look promising enough.

Helps in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

At this point on, many of us may have noticed that ginseng is a critical ingredient in most drinks that promise to improve potency and virility. Ginseng is a staple component of these drinks because it helps prevent oxidative stress within the blood vessels of the penis.

In ED or erectile dysfunction, blood circulation within the blood vessels of the penis is often weak. By taking ginseng, circulation is improved. Not only that, muscle relaxation is enhanced, enabling most men with ED to last longer.

Studies have also shown that most men given Korean red ginseng had greater improvements than those who received medication for ED. With a healthy lifestyle, men can certainly avoid ED.


Ginseng is just one of nature’s gifts to us. This herb is also one of the most potent and sought-after plants in many places. Aside from taking an extremely long time to grow, the listed benefits above are what make ginseng a valuable commodity.

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