James Bond’s Spectre is good, but it’s no Skyfall


Under the eye of returning director Sam Mendes, Spectre starts with one of the strongest pre-credits sequences in the entire franchise: an audacious tracking shot through the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, climaxing in a spectacular helicopter somersault. Bond is back!

It’s not the best Bond Film ever made and definitely not the worse. It delivers in action with car chases and fight scenes. I just felt disappointed with the story line and the unconvincing baddies.

Andrew Scott and Christoph Waltz’s characters were wasted on this film. I kept waiting for a twist or a surprise, but there wasn’t any.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what I say, you’ll see Spectre. If you’re a fan of Bond then you’ll go see this, but don’t go in too hyped or you will be disappointed. In my opinion this was a good movie, but there are a lot of problems.

Let me know what you think of the movie…