SMIRNOFF Halloween Cocktail

This Halloween, Smirnoff is knocking on your kitchen door with its spine-chilling, hassle-free cocktail. With the moonlight demystifying the terrible tales surrounding cocktail making, you no longer need to be petrified about emptying your bank balance for elaborate glassware and extravagant ingredients.

It is the time of year to brush off the cobwebs from your old jam jars and egg cups; Smirnoff has brewed up the perfect hassle-free cocktail using items that can be found already in your pantry.

Specialised equipment and mastering the witchcraft of mixology is a thing of the past – all you need is a little know-how to create great tasting drinks.

Smirnoff Ghouls’ Goblet

Don’t be alarmed when you see these creepy creatures at the bottom of your glass! The ghouls’ goblet will ensure your guests get a fright, tricking them with this tasty treat. This eerie tonic will provide a perfect spell with its sweet and sour sensations.


• Tall glass (or martini glass, but apply half the measures of the below)

• 35ml Smirnoff No.21 (one egg cup measure)

• 150ml Ginger Ale

• 2 Orange slices

• 2 Lemon slices

• 5 Sweet gummy worms

• Take an ice tray and add your worm gummy sweets to each square, then fill with water

• Add 1 to 2 drops of different food colouring in each and place in freezer

• Once frozen add ice cubes to glass with all other ingredients

And there you have it – a deliciously frightening, easy drink that you can recreate at home this Halloween.



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