Self isolation music video “PEACH” by Alumna

Peach is that cathartic song about anyone that you’ve just had enough of. It’s that sense of getting rid of bad, or toxic people from your life and being OK with that. It’s a fun, punchy song, something to sing out loud and draw some power and energy from.

Karishma brought the initial idea for the song to the band last summer after recording the idea on her phone, and we thrashed out the song, adding fuller guitars and drums and energetic vocals. It’s a great song to play and the crowd always ends up singing along and jumping too – of course.

Start Together studio were running their “Ready to Roll” recording sessions as part of Sound of Belfast 2019 and we took the chance to record Peach – it  was the obvious song choice for us! It was our first time recording as a band together, and we had so much fun blasting out the track in two half hour sessions. Jon Moorehead mastered the track for us and gave it that extra polish and shine.

We were getting ready to play a gig at Voodoo which got postponed, then were going to livestream our own DIY gig when social distancing and self isolation became a thing and we had wanted to get some photos and videos done to release the single, when the Lockdown happened! 

We decided not to let this stop us and invited our musician pals to contribute to an isolation sing-a-long and make some videos of themselves jamming to Peach, inspired by the Feeder video for “Just A Day.” We couldn’t believe the response we got and it showed the warm and collaborative community there is in the music scene in Belfast. It was also a great way to have a creative outlet, social distancing style – of course!

Our first track, Peach is released on Thursday April 9th on all the usual platforms!


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