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Salsa Jeans Belfast

Finding the right fashion balance for Winter can be difficult – shifting between cold streets and warm shops can create problems for those fashion-conscious shoppers who wish to look their best 

Luckily for shoppers across Northern Ireland, Cuba Clothing are delighted to announce the addition of a hugely popular range of denim from Salsa – the perfect fusion of comfort and style. With stores across the globe and a range of produces and designs ranging from jeans to jackets, Cuba are proud to establish themselves as one of the brand’s key suppliers in the country.

Founded in 1994 by designer Filipe Vila Nova, Cuba expanded across Spain in the early 1990’s before spreading its wings across Asia and Europe. Fast-forward two decades and Salsa has become a bestseller across the Middle East, with strong customer bases across Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Belfast has joined these locations in Salsa’s growing list of suppliers, and we couldn’t be happier!

When it comes to getting the most out of your denim, the designers at Salsa Jeans know how it’s done. Strengthened and dyed to indigo blue, a good fit is ensured throughout the garment’s life by pre-shrinking the jeans, before compressing the denim’s fibres and being cut in Salsa’s characteristic style – the perfect fit.

Salsa Jeans Belfast

Amongst the range of Salsa products offered at Cuba include the brand’s top-selling jeans model – the famous Push-Up Wonder Jeans. For ladies across Belfast and beyond, the Push-Up Wonder Jeans offer a smart style without the expense of fashion. Perfect with both heels and boots, this range of denim remains to be one of the most versatile shapes of jeans available. Salsa’s range of denim stays tight, yet comfortably-fitted from the leg to the ankle. Designed to shape your figure, Cuba’s range of salsa jeans are controlling and flattering, offering a soft material combined with ultimate comfort.

Salsa’s 360º inner panel creates a reduction effect on the belly, with a further reducing effect of the larger rear pockets, with both buttons ensuring more comfort. Perfect for those afraid of skinnies!

Over twenty years Salsa have remained as a pioneer in the world of denim specialising in the creation of technical fits which enhance the natural shape and figure of the body. To retain their pioneer status, Salsa strive to meet the needs of the modern woman who considers the twin importance of fashion and comfort.

Salsa Jeans Belfast

To experience the award-winning denim offered by Salsa jeans, visit the Cuba Clothing website to browse the selection, or visit one of our stores.


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