First ever app developed in NI to help save hospitality sector

Colin Neill – Hospitality Ulster commented earlier today;

“Hospitality Ulster is pleased to appoint Reserve2Serve as an official Hospitality Ulster Partner. 

The Reserve2Serve system delivers an end-to-end solution that will help operators across the hospitality industry coordinate and execute their reopening plans while helping build back customer confidence.

Reserve2Serve is a great example of cross sector collaboration based on consultation and innovation and is reflective of the grit, resilience and ingenuity across our hospitality industry and its robust supply chains. This system can play a key role in reopening hospitality when restrictions allow, while the built-in functionality of the system will help businesses to predict, react and adapt to the inevitable challenges ahead.

As we chart a course to economic recovery from the devastating pandemic, few industries face as daunting a challenge as the hospitality sector which has suffered more than most as a result of several lockdowns and the continued turbulence presented by ongoing mutations of the deadly virus, growing vaccine scepticism and disrupted vaccine supply chains across the continent.


Enter stage left, fifth generation publican JonJo Power, who spent 2020 building a team of hospitality and tech industry professionals to create and deliver an innovative booking system, which is rapidly emerging as a key solution to the challenges associated with the reopening of hospitality across Northern Ireland. 


A thorough consultation facilitated by strategic partner ‘The Hospitality Managers’ Network NI’ has helped to highlight opinions, ideas and concerns from hundreds of pubs, clubs, hotels, venues, restaurants and cafes across the industry. Issues like the erosion of customer confidence, expensive no shows, track & trace, reduced capacity and ongoing social distancing requirements were identified among the main concerns for operators keen to open their doors, welcome back their valued customers and get the tills ringing again.

The hospitality industry is on its knees with no set structured process to reopen. Businesses are losing millions and some even being forced to close. 


Reserve2Serve – The vaccine for the hospitality industry. We have developed a booking & venue capacity platform that will enable the hospitality industry to reopen confidently in a controlled safe environment beneficial to both the business and the customer.

For customers:

– Secure your place / table at your favourite local.

– Automatic Track and Trace, should you be exposed to the virus, be instantly notified.

– Confidence to enjoy your local in a safe manner

– Create your ‘kitty’ at time of reservation

– Ability to leave reviews on your experience

For Venue Operators

– Manage your capacity ‘on the fly’

– Predict and guarantee revenue and staffing requirements with minimum spends

– Better manage stock level requirements

– Ensure your customers receive a safe and enjoyable experience.

– A system that can be evolved 

– Ability to service Concerts, Retail, Sporting Events 

– A system that future proofs your venue when the next pandemic emerges


JonJo Power, Founder R2S says;

As the hospitality industry eyes a return to trading in the shadow of Covid (which has exposed the industry as vulnerable) we will be operating in a new environment of regulatory framework and altered consumer behaviours. R2S was conceived, developed and brought to market in order to boost consumer confidence and help encourage footfall across all hospitality businesses with compliance, confidence and traceability at the forefront.

We will be enabling the venue operator to focus on delivering a high-quality hospitality experience to their customers, minimise their overheads while providing the customer with a safe, secure and transparent method of making social or business plans to spend and enjoy time in their venue of choice.

Ross Porter, Founder R2S, Podium Apps comments; 

Just another app? No way! The brief for the team was to deliver a digital solution based on an innovative and challenging set of requirements in order to relaunch hospitality and stay ahead of the curve of a rapidly changing sector which has been so greatly burdened in these uncertain times. Locally developed and uniquely Northern Irish, R2S operates as a multi-platformbooking system, a covid compliance rating feature, full track and trace functionality and a ‘kitty’ generator for the customer which creates a guaranteed minimum spend for the operator, turning expensive no shows into profit.

Kieran Donnelly, Founder R2S, Podium Apps explains;

Having worked in hospitality venues from a young age, from busy pubs to silver service, gave me the insight as to how a technology solution is the key to the reopening of hospitality across NI and the rest of COVID ravaged markets worldwide. With JonJo & Gary’s local hospitality experience, and Podium’s success at growing technology products worldwide, I believe we have the right team in place to deliver a lasting solution for venue capacity management both here in Northern Ireland and abroad.

Gary Flynn, Founder R2S, Hospitality Consultant says;

R2S is inspired by the necessity for relevant and effective innovation across the hospitality sector to help deal with the short- and long-term challenges presented by the Covid pandemic and the subsequent and gradual erosion of consumer confidence. We are delivering a solution for venues to help them plan for the days, weeks and months ahead as the industry tries desperately to emerge from the shadow of the devastating pandemic.

R2S will inspire customer confidence for people who want to go out and enjoy themselves according to the regulations that are in place at the time. The system allows the customer to easily browse the licensed venues in their local area and more importantly provide them with an efficient, safe and reliable app to make plans and reservations.

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