Quitting Smokeless Tobacco Products

For those people who are addicted to using chew or dip, quitting is not an easy or straight forward thing to do. However, that does not mean that it cannot be done if you are focused and remain steadfast throughout what will inevitably be a bumpy road. 

The Dangers Of Chew & Dip

Most people are aware that tobacco products are not good for them, but very few people actually know how they harm your body. First and foremost, tobacco dip can cause cancer in your mouth and in some instances, this can be fatal. Secondly, the sugar that is present in tobacco can cause serious decay of the teeth. Similarly, both chew and dip can have the effect of making the gums come away from the teeth – these will never grow back.

The latest scientific research indicates that the use of smokeless tobacco products can in fact cause harm to other parts of the body, rather than just the mouth. They have been shown to cause cancer of the pancreas and it is also believed to contribute to strokes and heart disease. 

Why To Quit

With a can of chewing tobacco costing approximately $3, over the space of a two week period this can mount up and over the space of a year it is equal to a considerable amount of money. If your financial situation is not the strongest, then ditching the habit can be a great way of saving some much needed money.

In addition to the large expense, the habit is also disgusting to anyone that does not do it – a large majority of the population. The smell of chew or dip on your breath is an unpleasant one that many people do not like. This same strong smell is also likely to have made its way onto your clothes also and the juices produced can stain most materials that it comes into contact with. 

How To Quit

Some people find it helpful to produce a quitting plan so they have a visual representation of the process and know what to expect. A good way of easing yourself into the process of quitting is by slowly cutting back on the amount of chew and dip that you consume on a daily or weekly basis. Some people decide to use similar type products to wean themselves off, such as chewing tobacco alternatives. Some people like to keep their mouth busy so try sucking on lozenges or even CBD gummies. To buy cbd gummies online follow the link.

The other method of quitting is by going completely cold turkey. This involves completely cutting out smokeless tobacco products of your life until you are 100 percent free from your addiction. However, going down this route requires a certain level of will power that some people simply do not have given how addicted to the substances that they are.

Which ever way of quitting tobacco you choose, know that how ever hard it may be at time, the outcome is completely worth it for all of the reasons stated above.

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