Practical Items That Are Worth Your Investment To Make Your Home More Comfortable For Seniors

It is difficult being the caregiver for your mom, dad, or granny, it could become quite challenging when you have to move them to your house for convenience and better caregiving. These seniors may find it hard transitioning to an unfamiliar environment too because it means living their homes for years of memories behind making things awkward for everyone involved. 

As the parent to a senior–a role reversal–or caregiver, you must make them feel comfortable in your home, and here is a list of things of practical items you can switch up to achieve this feat and win them over in no time.

Flooring Modification

You need to make your home fall-proof for elders because they could have balance issues which could be bad on a high-pile carpet, hardwood floor, or tiled floor. To avoid a tripping hazard, install anti-slip floors in every area in the house. 

Also, to make the house safer and minimize fall accidents, secure area rugs with a non-slip pad or grip tape. In case you cannot stretch your budget to change the flooring, you can put perforated anti-slip rubber mats around the house.

Secure Landing Spaces

Another practical way to make your home comfortable for seniors is securing landing spaces, if your home has a stairway, install balustrades and handrails for additional support. You can also install ramps and stair lifters in your home to make it easy for the seniors to use the stairs with little assistance. 

Consider your budget to see if you can accommodate a stairlift cost, as it is often better than fitting an indoor ramp.

Installing Better Lighting 

Investing in house lighting is a practical investment for all parties. Adequate lighting makes it easier for seniors to find their way around the house. Ensure that all the nooks and crannies of your house have better lighting, it keeps your mind at rest too, because a well-lit house minimizes the risk of falling accidents or injuries.

You can take it a notch further by adding a lighted handrail or install a light under each stair to help the senior monitor their motion while navigating it.

Changing and Adding Furniture Around The House

Another practical modification in your house to suit elders is replacing heavy furniture with ones that give more room for simple movement around the house. Add recliners in areas where the senior can relax and observe the environment, get a carpenter to include a resting spot on the stairs, so they can sit and catch their breaths in between using the stairs.

For an elder’s bedroom, only high furniture is acceptable, including bed frames and footstools, pair it with a thick mattress, padded headboards, and bed rails.

Renovate The Bathroom

Elders have more falling accidents in the bathroom, sustaining injuries while leaving the shower area or getting on and off the toilet. To avoid constant accidents in the bathroom, it is practical to renovate one and assign it to the senior adult for use and make sure it is in a location where they can easily access it.

The renovations needed to make your bathroom comfortable for seniors include grab rails for additional support while sitting down or getting up, a low towel rail for easy access and avoiding a muscle pull accident, slip-resistant floors for moving safely after a bath and, having shower benches is not a bad idea to let them feel comfortable having a bath on their terms without help. Also, it is important to replace the bathtub with walk-in showers for easy entry and exit.

Kitchen Modification

A practical investment is changing the kitchen to accommodate a senior adult’s need to continue engaging in daily chores like cooking and other kitchen-related activities.

However, elders are more concerned about having their countertops and cabinetry at a level where they can easily access it without having to stress, make sure the sink is lower and other appliances are within reach of their hands

House Automation

A senior adult with arthritis or confined to a wheelchair will appreciate an automated home more and as the caregiver, they are a voice automated call away, if they need your help. For instance, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust to keep the room warm or toasty for the elderly, and we can program smart lights to turn on and off at certain times. 

The game-changer here is having a voice-controlled home device that the elderly can use to call for medical or supportive help.

The aforementioned practical investments for your home will keep your mind at rest knowing that your elderly is well catered for and comfortable living in your house.

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