It has been a great year so far for Hovis® Ireland with Hovis® becoming Northern Ireland’s number one bread brand in May 2019 ¹. The first six months of the year have been hectic for Hovis® – a successful 2019 Balmoral Show attendance with the distinctive Hovis® Airstream Unit and the launch of a new Seeded Batch product accompanied by an impactful marketing campaign. But don’t forget ORMO® too is having an exciting year!

ORMO® continues to enjoy outstanding success across both the convenience and multiple channels and is the fastest growing major Morning Goods brand in Northern Ireland.²

ORMO®’s brand performance has been built on the back of a successful three-year strategy that focuses on quality and consumer led innovation. 

The launch of premium potato farls made with mash and champ from Mash Direct and wheaten bread made with buttermilk from Ballyrashane Creameries launched in September 2018 surpassed expectations.  Both products were a resounding hit with consumers and customers alike.

The integrated campaign “GREAT LOCAL BRANDS COMING TOGETHER” provided a high-profile launch platform that drove consumer awareness and product trial.   The campaign was formally recognised when it took joint first place in the 2019 Ulster Grocer Awards ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ category. An accolade that reflects the hard work and commitment of all parties involved in the development and launch of this ORMO® premium range.

ORMO Brioche Muffins

In September ORMO® will launch its 2019 muffin range. The muffin category is growing by 5.3% in units and 8.2% in value3 so it is an ideal time for ORMO® to increase its share in this category.

ORMO® will be introducing an improved, BIGGER AND SOFTER standard muffin, baked with Northern Irish free-range eggs, which will be ideal for all meal occasions.

To capitalise on a further growing trend in Bakery, the popularity of brioche, ORMO® will be launching a new, premium, brioche muffin made with Northern Irish free-range eggs and butter.

The ORMO® brioche muffin has a distinctive, softer and sweeter taste and is perfect served with a poached egg for breakfast or equally appealing accompanied with smoked salmon and cream cheese as an afternoon tea option.

The ORMO® muffin range will be launched with impactful point of sale, digital, consumer and trade PR and an extensive sampling campaign across Northern Ireland.

Trevor McCrum

Discussing the most recent innovation Trevor McCrum, who is Commercial Director for Hovis Ireland and also Chairman of the NI Bread Council, says:

“I’m delighted that ORMO® is launching this 2019 Muffin range. We reviewed the product offering and based on consumer insights, we were determined to bring genuine innovation to the muffin category. The improved standard and new Brioche muffins are great tasting products. 

“We’re committed to showcasing the exceptional produce that can be made here in Northern Ireland and the 2019 Muffin range is another example of this. I’m confident the ORMO® muffin range will be as successful as our other ORMO® products and it will provide consumers with greater choice. The ORMO® brand continues to lead the Northern Ireland Morning Goods category and we look forward to continuing to respond to consumers’ needs.”

Ormo is a registered trademark of Andrews Flour Mill Limited and is used under license by Hovis Limited.


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