Northern Ireland diners spend more eating out than anyone else in the UK

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The average diner shelled out on a restaurant meal in the region is £26.73, according to the nationwide spending survey by Barclaycard.

While the study painted a picture of a booming dining trade in Northern Ireland, with 12% growth on last year, it found that business in rest of the UK was expanding even faster, having experienced almost 16% growth on last year.

The Barclaycard Where’s Britain Spending? report also recorded a 20% plus increase in the number of visits to restaurants in Northern Ireland in the last three months.

Perhaps surprisingly the survey found that Londoners spend less on eating out than anyone else in the UK, at just £17.81 per meal!!

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Chris Wood, managing director at Barclaycard, said: “The UK’s restaurant industry is enjoying a mini-boom with spending in the last 12 months jumping by a fifth. With the office party season just around the corner, this is likely to give restaurants in Northern Ireland a very merry Christmas.

“Dining out is one of the first things to be cut when we tighten our purse strings, so the fact that we’re spending more is a sign that consumers are feeling more confident in their financial position.”

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