May The Road Rise Up, NI Tour until 20 April

May the Road Rise Up

As part of their NI Tour, c21 Theatre Company presents a fast-paced, dark comedy ‘May The Road Rise Up’ focusing on one of the most powerful and contemporary topics in NI; homelessness. 


Until Saturday 24 February at Naughton Studio, Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

Until Friday 20 April across the NI province. 

Written by Rosemary Jenkinson, produced by Tom Finlay and directed by Stephen Kelly, a funny yet relatable one-woman show is now running across the Northern Ireland province. ‘May The Road Rise Up’ was created to show the audience an insight into a different world with serious underlying themes and issues, on stage.

Cheerful, lively and boisterous; young character Mia played by Christine Clare has captivated and inspired the audience with her boundless positivity, while facing realistic problems during her hardship. Belfast native character Mia, has shown a continual positive nature, and spiritual strength throughout the performance by touching the audiences hearts.

May The Road Rise Up
Mia played by Christine Clare

Current and real-life problems associated with Mia’s journey, will make you laugh yet sympathise with the courageous character; who resolves to live life to the full no matter the emotional roller-coaster and adversity that she’s faced.

This moving show will take you on journey of despair and frustration at the system, yet will teach you how to smile no matter what life throws at you. An empathising yet humorous real-life story that demands to be seen!

May The Road Rise Up
Naughton Studio, Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

Please note this performance contains strong language.

For more information about ‘May The Road Rise Up’ visit

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