Malicious TikTok Videos in Northern Ireland Highlight Battle Ahead for Schools in Technological Age

There was a recent epidemic of bogus TikTok accounts in Northern Ireland in which teachers were targeted. Students in schools were asked to rate their educators and, in some circumstances, it caused high levels of stress for the victims of these cyberattacks.

Cyberbullying is a growing issue thanks to the rise of technology and the fact that most youths in Northern Ireland use social media. This news shows that it’s not just students that need to be careful when browsing online.

Students Advised to Improve Safety

According to Belfast Live, recent research has shown that 57 per cent of 16–25-year-olds feel inadequate because of social media. These platforms have been revolutionary for youngsters, but they also have downsides, such as creating overwhelming pressure to succeed.

Many internet brands like ExpressVPN are now trying to raise awareness about how to use social media in a safe and private way. The company provides an infographic with tips on how people can do this. It involves keeping information discrete and paying attention to location details in photos.

Bullying has always been an issue for schools, with Pacer claiming that around 20 per cent of students have experienced it at some point. Cyberbullying is the latest problem that students, parents, and teachers have had to tackle, and it is currently a pertinent problem around the world.

Recent News Shows Teachers Targeted Too

When you think of cyberbullying, it’s easy to imagine that it’s mainly youths that experience it. After all, most bullying occurs within the school environment. However, the report from BBC about the TikTok accounts targeting teachers highlights how adults can be the victims of cyberbullying as well.

Teachers may have been spending time helping educate their students about the risks of social media, while at the same time failing to think about themselves. Some teachers were so badly affected by the instances of cyberbullying that they had to take time off from work.

If it is having an impact on people’s ability to work, cyberbullying is clearly an issue that needs addressing. Justin McCamphill from the teachers’ union said that teachers need more cooperation from parents in trying to deal with issues like these.

What Can be Done to Prevent This?

The scary thing about cyberbullying and trends like this is that they are hard to prevent. Policing activity on the internet goes way beyond the realms of what teachers can do. Parents can try to pay more attention to what their children are doing, but it is extremely difficult for them to know what’s going on all the time.

The good news is that students and teachers can choose to block content and users if they encounter things that have a negative effect on them. Rather than engaging with cyberbullying, the best option for individuals could be to ignore it.

As the technological age continues to evolve, instances of cyberbullying are likely to increase. Schools will have to introduce programmes to educate students and teachers on how to deal with adverse situations online.

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