How to make your bathroom more energy efficient

When it comes to designing bathrooms, efficiency is something to strive for. Not only does an efficient bathroom help the planet fight off the effects of global warming, it will also save you some money in the process. Environmental literacy has become more and more widespread and manufacturers have responded in kind by producing a huge assortment of energy-efficient bathroom fixtures. To help you become a more discerning shopper, we have put together this list of environmentally-conscious products you should be on the lookout for for your new bathroom.

Grey water recycling

Even in the UK, water shortages are a very real threat, and without measures in place to protect against overuse, what was once a distant threat can easily slip into reality. By repurposing the still-useful water that leaves your sinks, showers, dishwashers and baths, grey water recycling systems leave homeowners safe in the knowledge that they are making the most of their water. As well as the environmental reasons that support the installation of grey water recycling, there are financial benefits too – if you are using a water meter, your bills can be sliced as much as your usage is, which in many cases is well over half.

Shower booster pump

For some, showers are a time to bask and luxuriate in warm water, but for others, it is just another pit stop in the morning routine. Whether you belong in the relaxing or rushed shower camp, an effective booster pump can save you money whilst keeping your environmental conscience intact regardless. Brimming with innovation, shower pumps, from the likes of Stuart Turner pumps, are designed to bolster water pressure and flow while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Tap aerators

Another way of ensuring your bathroom is working at maximum efficiency is to incorporate aerators into your taps. As the name suggests, an aerator will push air through these outlets, increasing water flow without actually increasing the volume of water, which will reduce water usage in taps. Cheap to buy and quick and easy to install, aerators are a minuscule short-term investment and you will more than recoup this initial outlay in a matter of months.

Water efficient shower heads

The majority of water efficient shower heads work in much the same way as tap aerators. By pushing more air through the stream of water, shower flow is increased without bloating the volume of water used. Non-aerating eco shower heads operate in an altogether different way. These kinds of shower heads restrict water flow by forcing it through microscopically small holes, producing a stronger stream of water that feels identical in spite of the decreased volume of water.

By making any of these alterations to your own bathroom, you can transform it into a far more efficient space, saving yourself money, and the planet the ordeal of sinking further into the clutches of climate change.

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