Luck of the (Northern) Irish – how would you spend your first day of splashing the cash on a lottery win?

It’s not unusual for people to take the city they live in for granted. That’s pretty much human nature. Familiarity breeding nonchalance, you could say. Most of us dream about winning the lottery and jetting off to somewhere exotic.

However, for some people their hometown has plenty to offer in itself and failing to enjoy all that’s on offer, right on their doorstep, would simply not be on at all. Now, you might call it biased but Belfast is one of those places.

If you were mulling over what you would do if you were to win the Irish Lotto here one day, how would you spend your first day of splashing the cash of that windfall?


Bright eyed and bushy tailed, you could bounce out of bed, get ready for the day ahead and make your way straight to the wonderful St. George’s Market Bar & Grill on Oxford Street. Settled inside the gorgeous old building, patrons of St. George’s can enjoy a filling breakfast that has recently been awarded the title of Best Breakfast in Northern Ireland 2015, which seems like a perfect way to start the day!


After filling your belly, it’d probably be best to indulge in a spot of retail therapy, and that means making a beeline straight for Victoria Square. With so many shops to explore under the magnificent towering dome above, it’s quite possible you would have to employ someone to carry your bags at the end of the trip!

And here’s a top tip for you. The shopping centre also has a guide available to give you a tour of the dome itself, providing spectacular views across the city below, the River Lagan and landscape beyond. Better still, it’s offered up free of charge, which is a great price even for a lottery winner!


What better way to show off a newly acquired suit or dress than by taking in some culture?

Ever since it opened its doors in 1895, the Grand Opera House has played host to drama, dance, opera, comedy, musicals, pantomime and other shows – all put on by a range of local, national and international artists. Of course, the type of entertainment on offer will change from day to day – so why not head back there whenever you can?


Following such a big day, you might be ready for a hearty meal and a comfy bed. Fortunately, there are many fabulous hotels that cater for just that sort of thing in the city.

Of all those available, the penthouse of The Fitzwilliam Hotel is a good choice. With 1,250 square feet of space to relax in, as far as hotel rooms go, this top-floor suite would take some beating. Add to the mix a private butler who’ll take care of your every request and you would really feel like a lottery winner after spending a night here!


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