5 Tips For Putting Together A Low Cost Garden While Renting in Belfast

House rentals don’t typically have exciting gardens. After all, a landlord isn’t going to be looking to put a lot of money and effort into gardens that they aren’t going to be able to enjoy themselves. Along with this, a lot of landlords fully understand that each renter will have their preferences when it relates to gardens. Therefore, putting too much money and energy into a garden isn’t a profitable idea.

Likewise, renters aren’t usually putting too much money in their gardens themselves. After all, they don’t have the feeling of pride and ownership that someone who owns the property would. This is why a basic garden that will require very little maintenance is usually what you’ll find in a rental.

However, just because you are renting a home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to benefit from building an outdoor space that you can enjoy. Even though the cost to rent in Belfast is a lot lower than Dublin for example, with some craftiness and some tips and tricks, you should be able to spruce up your garden with minimal cost.

Here are some of the best tips for sprucing up your budget garden if you are renting:


  1. Pots and Planters

One of the best ways to create a low-cost and good-looking garden on a rental property would be using pots and planters. This can be a great way to give yourself a portable garden because you can move the pots and plants with you whenever you leave. This will also be a great way to give yourself instant gratification. Best of all, you are going to be able to make your landlord happy because you won’t be placing a permanent garden on their property. Thus, you will have less to deal with when it comes to convincing them.

You can find all kinds of things that can be grown in pots including but not limited to palms, herbs, and vegetables. Also, you don’t have to spend too much money on them.

A good budget place to find affordable planters would be a local reclamation yard. This is a good way to find alternatives to your standard clay pot.

Believe it or not, but even plastic bottles that you have laying in your recycling bin could be used as a do-it-yourself pot. You can save a lot of money and reuse a lot of things with some creativity.

  1. Use Seeds and Take Cuttings

The truth is, purchasing plants is something that can be fairly expensive. However, with patience and if you’re prepared to grow the plants yourself, it can be increasingly affordable.

Purchasing packets of annual seed and you should be able to maximize your savings. Simple toss these seeds around at the optimal point in the year and you will likely be very surprised at how quickly they can grow into full-blown plants.

What might be a little more complex but still rewarding would be cutting and growing your plants from plants that you already have.

This is a process that can vary from plant to plant. Therefore, you’re going to need to do individual research on the plants. You have to figure out what the best time of year would be for them. You also need to check on where you should be cutting for the best results.

You also should be getting too upset about things if it doesn’t work initially. Any experienced gardener is going to let you know that you will need to improve your garden skills which will happen when you fail the first time.

  1. Choose The Right Plants

When you are in the process of purchasing plants, you always want to think about the conditions. Is your garden situated in the sun or the shade? Does the soil in your garden drain properly or is it constantly wet?

You need to know these things because if you choose the wrong plants, you could be placing them in a garden that isn’t suitable for them. You need to ensure you are putting plants that are optimal for your garden’s conditions to avoid throwing money down the drain.

When you are looking to put together an affordable garden, you want to try to look for budget plants that spread quickly. You will find Shasta daisies to be a great example of this type of plant.

  1. Embrace Wildflowers

There is a current trend for this type of gardening known as wildflower gardening. Rather than perfectly maintained and tended lawns, a lot of people are looking to allow their gardens to run wild.

For a few, it could be an aesthetically pleasing alternative. For others, it’s something that they do to encourage wildlife.

If you are someone that embraces the look of wildflowers, you are in luck because it’s an affordable way to build out your garden. As soon as you’ve sown wildflower seeds and allowed your garden to grow, you will have plants that can self-seed from that point on.

You might need to weed out any plants that get aggressive to allow more space for other plants. You also will need to mow your lawn here and there, but it can be a very low maintenance option for those that prefer it.

  1. Purchase Accessories

You will want to deck out your space with a comfortable outdoor table with chairs. Consider putting strings of lights and more. These simple accessories can do wonders for making your garden a much more pleasant place to be in.

While you are purchasing garden furniture and accessories, you will want to think about how you are going to be able to move them into a new place. For instance, solar-powered lights don’t need to be completely wired into your main source. Likewise, any collapsible tables and chairs won’t take up too much space in a moving van.

As long as you can pack up and take your garden with you for the ride, you should consider it a cost-effective investment that can do wonders for your garden.

By now, you should have enough information to choose plants wisely and to craft a beautiful yet affordable garden even if you are currently in a rental.



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