New Year, Healthier You! Lidl’s new health and fitness range

With the New Year comes new goals, and exercise and clean eating are normally at the top of the list. If an expensive gym membership is not an option, you don’t have to forgo your healthy ambitions as from January 02 Lidl have an incredible range of performance wear, workout equipment and cooking appliances in our 38 stores across Northern Ireland. So, there will be no excuses for not reaching your 2017 goals!


Nutrition Mixer

Lidl has the ultimate appliance to kick off your new year’s resolution and help get you back on track after the festive period. Lidl’s Silvercrest Nutrition Mixer (£29.99) is available in stores from Thursday January 05 and is perfect for a post-Christmas cleanse or if you want to get in your daily allowance of fruit and veg. The stainless steel machine boasts a 700W motor that spins the blades 19,000 times a minute to blend and crush ingredients in a matter of seconds. Also included in the nine piece set are two blades for blending and chopping, two tumblers (350ml) and (700ml) as well as lids for storing or drinking on the go.

Why not try making your very own green juices, smoothies and soups which are ideal vitamin-rich tasty snacks or even shakes to refuel after exercise.

Fitness Equipment

Having high quality fitness equipment can help you accomplish your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home and make working out a lot more convenient especially in the dark winter months.

Lidl’s Fitness Trampoline (£79.99) is a fun way to ease yourself into your fitness routine. It helps improve balance, coordination, strength, stamina and flexibility. With a T-handle and comfortable bungee cord spring system, it is ideal for an effective workout. It includes an exercise DVD, non-slip exercise socks and can be used in small spaces as it has removable support legs for space-saving storage. Available from January 02.

The Exercise Mat (£4.99) allows you to workout anywhere, anytime and if travelling, this handy accessory means you don’t have to miss your routine. The non-slip surface gives optimal grip during any form of exercise. Available in four different styles and colours, in store January 02.

Stretching after exercise is just as important as the main workout itself and foam rolling has become a popular way to massage muscles and connective tissues after an intensive session. Using a Foam Roller (£7.99) will help release the knots, improve flexibility and speed up recovery. Available from January 02.

Adding a pair of Weighted Gloves, Ankle or Wrist Weights (£8.99) when going on a walk can help boost the calories burned and activate your muscles. Fitness Weights Set (£8.99) are available from January 02 in two different styles and colours.

For a full body workout, try the Resistance Band Set (£4.99) that comes in two levels; easy to medium and medium to hard. Resistance band training is a great addition to any strength training, and the portable equipment makes it perfect for at home use. Available from January 02.

Products on sale from January 02.

Product Name On Sale Date Price £
      Balance Board/ Skipping Rope/ Push Up Grips 02.01 6.99
Drinks Bottle 02.01 3.99
            Exercise Ball 02.01 5.99
Exercise Mat 02.01 4.99
Fitness Expander Set 02.01 4.99
Foam Roller 02.01 7.99
Ladies Performance Top 02.01 3.99
Resistance Band Set 02.01 4.99
Sports Towel 02.01 5.99
Chin-Up Bar 02.01 9.99
Sports Bag 02.01 9.99
Abdominal Muscle Trainer 02.01 9.99
Fitness Weights Set 02.01 8.99
Swing Stepper 02.01 39.99
Weighted gloves, ankle and wrist weights 02.01 8.99
Fitness Trampoline 02.01 79.99
Ladies Sports Bra 02.01 4.99
Men’s Trainers 02.01 9.99
Multi-trainer 6 in 1 02.01 39.99
Ladies Performance Top 02.01 3.99
Ladies Seamless Sports Bra 02.01                      5.99
Ladies Performance Leggings 02.01 5.99
Ladies Trainers 02.01 12.99
Nutrition Mixer 05.01 29.99
Hot Air Fryer 05.01 49.99
Juicer 05.01 22.99
Pressure Cooker 6L 05.01 34.99
Drinking bottle with tea strainer/juicer 05.01 4.99
Nutrition Scale 05.01 7.99


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