Cafe Havana Belfast
Belfast’s Café Havana is declaring Independence to celebrate Cuban Revolution Day!

The café’s ‘Committee for a Revolution in Taste’ is planning a weekend of celebrations from July 25-27 to mark the 60th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution on July 26, 1953.

The streets around Café Havana will assume Spanish names. Berry Street will become ‘Calle Baya’, Bank Square, ‘La Plaza Banco, and Chapel Lane will be transformed into ‘Carril Capilla’.

Café Havana has drawn up its own independent constitution, which includes:

·         a ban on phrases such as ‘what about ye’ to be replaced by ‘buenos dias’

·         Royal Avenue to be changed to Avenida Che Guevara

·         Hugo Duncan ordered to change his moniker to the ‘wee man from Havana’ and play only Salsa.

·         A pledge to provide every citizen of Berry Street with a daily supply of rum on tap.

·         All males over 18 must begin growing a bushy beard immediately.

·         All heels must be a minimum of three inches high for men and six inches for women.

Meanwhile, the committee is urging Belfast City Council to fly the Cuban flag at Belfast City Hall during the three days of celebration as ‘a gesture of good will’.

The official spokesman of the Revolutionary Party of Café Havana said: “We want to have good relations with our neighbours in Belfast and we believe that flying the Cuban flag would show they are not intent on blockading Berry Street and spoiling the fun!”

The Cuba Fiesta weekend will feature a special revolutionary menu for ‘Citizens of the Independent Republic of Berry Street’ (otherwise known as ‘customers’), while Salsa music will be played during three days of non-stop fiesta.

In the evenings all citizens arriving for a celebratory feast will receive a special passport entitling them to a free Mohito cocktail or a soft drink for young revolutionaries, so we advise people to book early.

The restaurant, which opened on July 1, is the first Cuban-inspired eatery in Belfast. It opens from 8am to 6pm on Monday to Wednesday, 8am to 11pmfrom Thursday to Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sundays, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a mixture of Cuban, Latin American and European favourites.

Café Havana is at 56-58 Berry Street behind CastleCourt Shopping Centre. For more information or bookings call the restaurant on 02890 310809. 


Cafe Havana Belfast




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