Jobrapido Expansion Reflects Their Success In A Competitive Industry


Jobrapido, formed back in 2006, is one of the world’s largest search engines for job vacancies. In an industry which is rife with competition, Jobrapido quickly established their place in the sector, before going on to grow into key players in the job search arena with over 85 million registered users worldwide.

As a company, Jobrapido has flourished, and their announcement of a new UK office based in London is a testament to their continued growth. The new office will be headed up by Ryan Bridgman, who is the UK and Ireland Sales Director, and this will see Jobrapido increase their number of offices in Europe climb to three, with Milan and Amsterdam the other two.

There are also plans for further expansion at the backend of 2019 too and with millions of users spread across 58 countries it certainly makes sense. Jobrapido’s key to success in many respects is down to their forward-thinking and innovative approach, which allows them to be customer and performance focused. Therefore, enabling them to deliver suitable candidates on-demand to businesses globally, regardless of their sector. This why candidates searching for positions in Brisbane can expect the same level and quality of service that someone looking for jobs in Liverpool enjoys; which is why the brand continues to grow worldwide.

Jobrapido’s year-on-year figures where their customer base and client’s campaigns are concerned are particularly impressive, with the latter seeing over a 50% climb. The company has also looked to cement its position in the industry by investing significantly in marketing this year, and this is already paying dividends.

Their UK operations alone see around four million visits per month, while there are in the region of seven million registered users. At the time of writing, there are around 2 millions of jobs available to look at in the UK via the Jobrapido search engine, and this is what sets them apart from the competition.

Jobrapido’s MO, which has proven to be very successful so far, sees them strike up partnership deals with a range of companies, from staffing agencies and start-ups, through to multi-national companies. They also look to cover an array of sectors too, which ensures their search engine will be of use to everyone. Link ups with proven job boards have also borne fruit for Jobrapido and prove they’re flexible and adaptable in their approach.

Jobrapido is also excellent at providing solutions for employers, too, and their Talent Acquisition Solution is evidence of this. Recruiters want to have access to the best talent on demand, and while this is often a difficult task, it’s made a lot easier by Jobrapido. They put to work their established community and bespoke matching technology to make finding suitable candidates a breeze. And this has been a driving force behind their rapidly increasing client base.

There is no doubting Jobrapido’s credentials as the number one employment search engine around right now, and their latest expansion into London shows they’re moving in the right direction. However, resting on their laurels isn’t on the agenda, with further development, growth and expansion to come before the year’s out.

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