What happens when your mobile device breaks?

Iphix corporate Smartphone repair specialists

Iphix Smartphone repair specialists

Your business depends on countless electronic gadgets and other devices to keep operations running smoothly. When one thing breaks down, so does your productivity. You can trust our Corporate Maintenance Plans and business solutions to keep those gadgets and devices running optimally! 


iPhix Corporate

What happens when your device breaks? How important is it to your job? Can you keep working without it? Can your staff keep working without theirs?

At iPhix we know just how important your device is- we go to the ends of the earth if needs be to get that device fixed and back in your hands as soon as physically possible. That doesn’t mean we rush the repair though, all our workmanship comes with a lifetime warranty and we use the very best materials available.

When your device breaks just let us know and we will collect it from you, repair it and deliver it back to you ASAP. We can even stand over a service level agreement of as little as 30 minutes if required using mobile technicians to repair devices at your premises.

While our engineering background and work ethos requires robust processes for all clients we are also able to create bespoke arrangements, and procedures to meet individual client needs. Our approach with every client is to spend time understanding exactly what you need from us and constantly review our relationship to ensure your needs are being met and your expectations exceeded.

Arron Skinner – Corporate Manger at iPhix

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