Are you as tall as Tigger? Bigger than Yoda but smaller than Darth Vader?

Schoolchildren throughout Northern Ireland can now see how they measure up to their favourite film characters with a new Into Film height chart designed to get youngsters into the magic of the movies.

Into Film, an education charity which offers film resources and training to support classroom teaching, is distributing these exclusive height charts to schools across Northern Ireland.

Into Film NI

Sean Kelly from Into Film explained that the chart gives young people and their teachers the chance to discover which movie icon they measure up to.

“Film is a fantastic educational tool and children often know everything about the characters they love. Now they can even see how tall they are compared to their on-screen heroes. We’re passionate about film and so we’ve tried to be as precise as possible in measuring up all the characters on the height chart. All the Star Wars and Disney characters for example have an exact height but some of the others we’ve had to estimate based on the actors or other sources of reference,” Sean Kelly said.

The chart measures 150 characters from a diverse range of films, all of which are available to order from Into Film and kids are also encouraged to tick off all the films that they have seen.

The height charts have been sent to more than 300 schools across Northern Ireland but there are an additional 500 up for grabs through the Into Film website. To get one go to

The team at Into Film is also hoping to find the tallest school principal. Some of the taller movie characters include the Terminator (193cm), Iron Man (198 cm) and Captain Phasma from Star Wars (200cm).

“We have teamed up with the Comic Book Guys in Belfast to offer prizes to pupils who use the chart to measure their school head teacher. All they have to do is Tweet a pic of their principal and mention which film character he or she is the same height as and they win the teacher’s height worth of Funko Pops Bobble Toys!,” Sean added.

To find out more and to follow Into Film on Twitter @intofilm_ni

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