Insurance Industry Bringing Jobs to Belfast

In a time when many people are losing their jobs, Belfast is benefitting from the insurance industry. The Insurance Office of America has arrived in the city and is promising to provide tech jobs to locals.

For the young and the unemployed this is an amazing opportunity to enter a lucrative and stable career. While the hospitality and travel industries struggle, insurance firms are reaping the rewards and creating jobs as a result. For many people, this offers a way out of the economic hardship caused by the pandemic.

Insurance Office of America

Offering personal and business finance, the Insurance Office of America is a huge employer. Having expanded all over the world, it has finally come to Belfast and promises to give a boost to the local economy. Despite being headquartered in Florida, the U.S. insurance firm has promised to launch 40 new tech jobs in the city of Belfast.

Workers with specialist experience in software development, IT support, data science, and data analytics are being sought. These are highly skilled jobs with salaries averaging £45,000.

If you’re interested in insurance work and want to learn more, then is a great resource to check out. Insurance Hero can point you towards other local insurance companies who may be looking to take on new staff.

Overcoming Economic Hardship

The UK economy is beginning to recover from the devastation caused by lockdown. Northern Ireland’s economy is expected to struggle even more, with GDP predicted to shrink by 11% this year. In terms of unemployment, it’s expected to reach 5.5% compared to the 2.3% rate before the pandemic hit.

This makes moves like the one taken by the Insurance Office of America so crucial. By investing in Belfast, they can help to alleviate some of this unemployment. There are so many talented tech specialists who are seeking work.

Why You Need Insurance

This move by the Insurance Office of America has put the issue of insurance back into the public debate. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people felt that they had job stability and didn’t fear for their incomes. However, mass unemployment is changing people’s perceptions.

Water damages are also common in most places due to climate changes and unexpected hurricanes. With that, the coverage for water damages can be insured and you can read more at

The economy of Belfast, even when thriving, never offers complete certainty. Residents should consider the benefits of taking out life insurance. Doing so can provide a safety net for when the unexpected does occur. Only the top talent will reap the rewards of the new jobs offered by the Insurance Office of America. Others will be depending on savings, government benefits, and insurance policies. If you are owning properties, then you should get insurance cover for landlords for security purposes

Citizens of Northern Ireland continue to live with uncertainty. While some economists are predicting a quick recovery, others are less certain. The threat of a second lockdown combined with the uncertainty of Brexit means that many businesses are reluctant to invest in Belfast. This move by the Insurance Office of America should be welcomed as 40 talented, though currently unemployed, tech wizards are given the opportunity of a lifetime.

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