How to Beat the Amazon Assessment and Land the Job!

If you haven’t thought about joining Amazon yet, perhaps now is the time to consider it, especially if you’re just about to start your career as a professional.

This is because the company is always looking for eager and hardworking people to join its ranks with how much the demand for its services and products grows every day.

Whether you’re someone that’s hoping for an entry-level position, a seasoned account that wants greener pastures, or even a manager that deserves better recognition for their skills and hard work, it is very likely that Amazon has something to offer in one of its many facilities.

But before you submit your resume, know one thing: at some point in your application, you will have to take and pass the Amazon assessment.

This pre-employment test is used by the company as a means to filter out undesirable candidates or applicants early on in the hiring process, allowing it to save resources as well as time and manpower so that they can focus on those who have what it takes to flourish in their midst.

By now, you’re already probably wondering just how hard the Amazon test is and what things you can do in order to prepare for it.

Well, it would depend on which area you find difficult.

You see, the Amazon assessment contains a number of tests that may or may not be familiar to you.

So, to know if any of the Amazon tests will be a problem for you, here are most of the ones that you are likely to encounter.

The Amazon Ability Tests

Sometimes known as the cognitive ability tests of the Amazon assessment, these exams are designed to measure how good your certain work-related and work-crucial skills are.

These tests are:

The Amazon Numerical Reasoning Test – an exam where your ability to conduct simple to complex calculations that are tailored to include operations that are likely to appear at the workplace.

The Amazon Verbal Reasoning Test – where your reading comprehension skills as well as grasp on the standard English grammar will be tested. As an Amazon employee, you will need to show that you can comprehend spoken and written instructions as well as write concise and accurate reports or documents when needed.

The Amazon Logical Reasoning Test – where your problem solving skills are tested. Here, you will encounter questions related to logical and deductive reasoning so that they can be confident in you handling situations where the solution is not immediately apparent or needs a bit of analysis.

These tests are frequently encountered by those wanting an entry-level position in Amazon since they are mostly designed to confirm that the candidate has the basic skills needed for the role in the company.

By studying well or by looking up any online Amazon practice tests, you can improve or even get a perfect score here.


The Amazon Work Simulation Test

This is the Situational Judgement Test of the Amazon Assessment.

Once you’ve finished the preliminary cognitive test that the company wants you to take and you managed to be one of those who managed to get one of the highest scores, then you will be invited to take the Work Simulation exam.

Here, you will be provided with a number of scenarios of sorts, usually one that is involved with the job that you are applying for, and then you will have to demonstrate to an assessor or a panel of assessors how will you handle that situation.

The scenarios will range from petty misunderstandings between you and a customer, a confrontation between you and a coworker, or even something revolving around a technical glitch that is inconveniencing you and others and you are the one that is in charge of handling it.

Depending on the position that you are applying for, you may have to show some expertise in that area but they rarely require you to have prior knowledge on Amazon policies as they supply the rules in the passage.

The Amazon Work Style Test

Commonly known as the Amazon Personality Test, here, you will be given a survey-type exam where you will need to input your agreement or disagreement to a supplied statement.

Each of these statements are coded to be linked towards a certain Amazon Principle, which is basically the core values of the company.

Due to the format of this test, you cannot be too sure on which statements or answers will improve or damage your results.

Ideally, you will need to tailor your answers in order to try and show that you are already someone that aligns or can adjust to the company and workplace culture of Amazon.

What makes the Amazon Assessment hard

Based on these, it doesn’t seem like the Amazon assessment is that hard, right? You just need to prepare a little and make sure that you meet the minimum score to pass it, yes?

Unfortunately, this is only the first step in the process.

Once you managed to pass the assessment, your scores and data will then be collected and then analyzed by the hiring manager so that it can be compared with the results of the other candidates. 

Considering that it’s possible to have tens or dozens of others vying for the same job opening, this means that the competition will be real, and even a single point advantage could make the difference of being hired or not. 

So if you want to have a good chance at landing the job, you will need to do well enough in the Amazon Assessment so that the hiring manager will consider your application first instead of others.

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