How Can You Get Rid of Snoring for Good?

Snoring is a problem that can happen to anyone, of any age and any gender. It’s nothing to feel bad about but it can be hard for your partner to fall asleep when you’re snoring loudly. It may cause problems to arise or compromise a goodnight’s sleep for both of you. We’ve gathered the reasons behind snoring and possible ways to treat it.

Possible Reasons Behind Snoring

The first possible reason for snoring is the aging process. Middle-aged people are likely to have a snoring problem. That is due to the throat becoming narrower as we age. Following a healthy lifestyle in food and sleep might reduce snoring though. Weight is another factor. If you carry excess weight in your throat and neck, it might be the reason why you snore. When it comes to the elderly in particular, they tend to move less due to surgery and old age. However, the reviews from prove that even if they are rendered immobile due to an injury or surgery, there are ways to move around and stay active. Knee walkers, for instance, are great for people who incur knee injuries. So staying active is always a possibility, and so will certainly lessen the onset of snoring.

Other factors include a narrow throat, a cleft palate, or enlarged adenoids. Sinus and nasal problems like blocked airways or stuffy noses can also contribute to snoring. Finally, alcohol, some medications, and smoking may increase snoring. 

Treatments for Snoring

Use Mouthguards

Mouthguards are made to stop you from snoring by opening your airway. They are made like athletes’ mouthguards. Mouthguards are the less expensive option and are a more practical solution to sleep problems and snoring, when compared to other dentist machines. Online, you will find reviews of different mouthguards made specially to help with snoring and sleep apnea. 

Use Humidifier

A humidifier works to make the air in the room moist and prevents your throat from getting dry by lubricating it. Dry air might not be the main cause for snoring, but a dry throat will worsen your snoring. 

Use a Nasal Strip or Nasal Dilator

Both Nasal strips and nasal dilators will help you breathe better. The first will widen space in the nasal passage. A Nasal dilator will decrease resistance to airflow. Both can help alleviate snoring. 

Lose Weight

Being overweight or obese is one of the factors that cause snoring. If you’re overweight, consider changing your diet to a healthier one and exercising regularly. 

Change Sleeping Posture

Sleeping flat on your back might cause airflow blockage so if you turn to either side, you might stop snoring.

Change Your Head Position

If changing sleeping positions doesn’t work, you can try to lift your head up while sleeping. You could use two pillows instead of one. It will make breathing easier and prevent airways from narrowing which causes snoring. 

Don’t Eat Inflammatory Food Before Bed

It helps healthwise to generally cut down on inflammatory food like dairy and gluten products. One way to prevent snoring is to not eat them right before sleeping because they may make your nose and throat inflamed. Try to leave a few hours window between your dairy-filled dinner and going to sleep. 

Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Both regular alcohol drinkers and regular smokers are very likely to snore. Alcohol makes your throat muscles relax causing snoring. So, limit your alcohol intake before sleeping. Smoking irritates the throat, making it inflamed which also causes snoring. 

Do Throat and Tongue Exercises

As we mentioned, a relaxed throat can lead to snoring, so does a relaxed tongue. So, exercising them may make them stop relaxing. For your throat, you can sing to strengthen it and there are different exercises for the tongue too. 

Get Enough Sleep

Another thing that can make your throat and tongue relaxed is being too exhausted. Try to sleep adequately from 7 to 9 hours per night. Using tranquilizers and sleeping pills will also make your throat and tongue relaxed. That’s why you should opt for natural remedies first and leave them as a last option if you have trouble sleeping. 

Get Medical Treatment

If all else fails, you should visit a doctor and consult him about your snoring problem. They have different treatments that may cure it. There are medical devices like Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). And there are medical procedures like Palatal implants, Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP), Somnoplasty, or other surgical procedures. You can find information online about each procedure or ask your doctor. 


Getting rid of your snoring problem will improve the quality of sleep for you and your partner. All in all, the first thing to do is to have a healthier lifestyle. Take eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, and exercising as the first steps. It will make you sleep well, live well, and might eliminate snoring altogether. If it doesn’t work, you have plenty of other options that include using some devices like a humidifier or a mouthguard. If your snoring doesn’t go away by any of these means, then you have to visit a doctor. 


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