How Belfast is at the Centre of the Continued Drive Towards Digital Organisation


Over the last few years, the rise of digitalisation has resulted in increasing numbers of remote platforms enhancing organisation in regard to online accounts. Along with digital wallets which systematically store payment information across various transaction types growing in recent times, the latest Belfast-based loyalBe app is at the very heart of the city’s sustained effort to demonstrate the benefits of using online accounts for loyalty cards.

As a result, we’re going to consider the role of Northern Ireland’s capital in this field, while also considering how online accounts have benefited other industries.

The Use and Benefits of Using Online Accounts

As mentioned above, remote platforms are becoming vitally important to increasing levels of organisation as they offer users heightened levels of convenience. Since being founded in 2018 by Cormac Quinn, the Fintech start-up business, loyalBe, has developed at a vast rate after securing a six-figure investment last year. The primary purpose of the app is to replace and reduce pre-existing paper loyalty cards by providing a digital platform on which their data can be stored.

In addition to vastly increasing convenience, the company itself is very much at the core of Belfast’s digital mission due to their reward schemes. While loyalty cards have long been utilised by businesses to encourage repeat custom through incentivisation, the loyalBe app has developed a unique and highly beneficial rewards system for its users. Unlike land or paper-based equivalents, by using a linked card to make a purchase through the Fintech start-up, prospective shoppers will also secure various rewards in partner businesses in addition to the shop that they’re buying with.

Furthermore, regarding its benefits to businesses, the digital flagship app will also function to assist companies in retaining their existing consumer bases.

How Online Accounts Proven Fruitful to Other Sectors

Within modern-day society, the number of companies that are switching their loyalty schemes to digital platforms as opposed to paper alternatives is growing. Moreover, as is the case with loyalBe, traditional reward systems are continually being developed in the online world.

“DSW, Designer Shoe Warehouse,” (CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia

At Designer Shoe Warehouse, online accounts have proven fruitful to the success of the company’s loyalty program, with their tier-focussed system, which is outlined on their site, providing various rewards that are dependent on customer activity. However, in highlighting the importance of loyalBe, the Belfast-based business’ focus on partner shop rewards illustrates how they at the centre of this organised revolution and ahead of the competition.

Outside of the fashion industry, the iGaming sector is another prime example of how consumers are benefiting from online accounts. Through offers such as Videoslots welcome bonus, prospective users will receive an instantly-available cash sign-up bonus which is valid to use on traditional casino games such as roulette and slots, in addition to live casino adaptations.

A New Era of Loyalty Schemes and Rewards

Ultimately, the importance of loyalBe cannot be understated as the company is seeking to take cross-business rewards schemes to new heights. While the fashion and iGaming sectors have long utilised incentivised-based systems in their efforts to secure customer retention, the platform created by the Belfast company possesses the foundations to generate new business through their partner-developed rewards system.

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