Homemade cheesecakes without all the homemaking: @CheesecakesNI

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Homemade cheesecakes without all the homemaking.

12 slice Cheesecakes have all the taste of home baking but, for you, require none of the time, effort and mess. Just lift from your freezer, let it defrost and enjoy the delicious taste of Mint Aero, Raspberry Ruffle or one of our other yummy flavours! And the best bit is that you get to take all the credit for it!

Perfect for weddings, functions, family events or just a little treat! Our cheesecakes come pre-sectioned meaning you can even lift out single slices at a time to serve from frozen, so whether you need to fake some culinary skills for a dine in date night or fancy a sneaky little slice when the kids go to bed, they’re perfect for any occasion!

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Raspberry Ruffle


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