The Importance of Health Screening for Businesses Post COVID

For people in many parts of the world, the worst of the pandemic seems to have passed. While many countries still have mask mandates in place, gatherings have resumed, for the most part, restaurants are open and flourishing, people can see their loved ones once more, and anyone who is going back to an office or workplace full time is probably back already. Since the worst of the storm seems to have come and gone, why is health testing at workplaces still so necessary?

To find the answer to that question, we have to understand what health testing or screening means. The definition of a health test or screening is a medical procedure or test designed to determine the likelihood of asymptomatic or seemingly uninfected or healthy individuals having a disease or condition. Well-known examples of particular health screenings include procedures like mammograms which can show potentially cancerous cells or a colonoscopy that may assist in finding colon cancer.

Why Is Health Screening So Important?

If the worst of the COVID pandemic has indeed passed, why is health screening so crucial in the workplace? Well, the answer lies partly in our experience of the pandemic itself. COVID came to the world so fast and with such radical force that we didn’t have much chance to implement proper health screening in the workplace to find potentially infected individuals and isolate them from healthy individuals.

Yes, we eventually had temperature checks implemented at shops and workplaces to help screen for COVID symptoms, but imagine how much less devastating the pandemic would have been if we had known how to test for COVID and what it was. Employers have the ability to help their employees avoid potentially life-threatening situations by conducting health screenings for COVID and many other diseases on a regular basis. Let’s break down some of the biggest reasons to add a health screening to your office calendar.

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Health Awareness

Human beings don’t like to think about the darker side of life all the time, and that is perfectly understandable. However, being reminded of the possibility that there may be something unhealthy forming in your body somewhere might be what keeps you safe from it. Regular health screenings keep people aware of potential health risks, whether mental or physical.

Better Health

Seeing a doctor for a checkup every now and then is an excellent way to understand what condition your body is in and note any potential harmful developments. Being able to treat these possible changes in a timely manner will ultimately result in much better health for everyone in the workplace. Any individual who may have a contagious condition can be treated before the disorder becomes worse for them or before they infect other people in the workplace. Mental health has its own set of concerns, not all of which might be clear to a GP at a checkup, but a GP can quite easily recommend that the patient see a psychiatrist for further investigation and support. Many conditions that are caught early on are rendered much less severe once a course of treatment has begun.

Increased Productivity

The bottom line for a business is just that; the bottom line. Whatever the byproducts of a company, the goal is always to turn a profit. When employees are off for silly things like the flu or a common cold or for more serious reasons that might require hospital stays, they aren’t working. If employees aren’t working, the wheels that move the business can’t turn properly, which results in a lack of productivity that may well have been avoided if a health screening had caught the issues. It’s in the best interests of employers and employees to stay well and healthy and keep working, keep meeting targets and requirements and keep the business on track.

Corporate Image

While the image of a business should be a byproduct of its inner workings, it definitely doesn’t hurt for other companies, potential employees, and potential investors to know that you look after the health of your employees and business by offering them regular health screenings. Appearances are important in the world of business; health screening could be the difference between you landing a client or the perfect new employee and them jumping ship to work with one of your strongest competitors.

Final Word

Health screening should be a  part of every employee’s work-life for all the reasons we’ve listed above. It may take a few minutes out of their workday once every so often, but the process will give back to both employees and employers in more ways than you know. Here’s to staying healthy!

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