Is Ginza Kitchen Belfast’s hidden gem?

Although Ginza Kitchen is well established on the Lisburn Road, this was our first (and very impressive) visit. Blending into the row of restaurants and retail from the outside, it’s somewhat tardis like on the inside with us enjoying our evening in a large, bright room upstairs, with the welcoming service from Ben and the team ensuring a stand-out experience.

As the saying goes, you eat with your eyes, and this was the case at Ginza Kitchen. From the wide range of colourful dishes to the beautiful wooden sushi boats, it was definitely a feast for the eyes.

Ginza Kitchen

Luckily, at Love Belfast we enjoy all food types between us, and there was no shortage of tasty eats for meat-eaters, pescatarians and vegetarians for us to try. First up, we delved in with our chopsticks to a selection of pork, chicken and vegetable goyza (so good!). We then moved on to a buffet of sushi rolls, sushi nigiri, fried tofu, chicken and yasai (vegetable) tempura to name but a selection of the dishes. As eating out experiences go, this one proved fun and tasty.

The drinks added to the experience. We were curious from the outset seeing the cocktail glasses being prepared with chillis. The Chilli Mango Margaritas, just one of several house cocktails made with Exotic Mixers, certainly provided an interesting cocktail treat. The creative cocktails continued later with a sweet (literally candy on top) version for dessert.

Now, talking about drinks, they say you learn something new every day, and thanks to Direct Wine Shipments we’ve discovered a love for Riesling wine.

The best thing about sharing food and discovering new places is the company you share the experience with, and thanks to a great guest list by The Gourmet Boys that box was well and truly ticked, with the craic flowing all night.

Oh, the satisfaction of discovering (what we think is) a hidden foodie gem in Belfast!

Thanks Ben, Brian & Mark!

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