Things To Know Before You Buy Garage Door

A good garage door lasts for decades, maybe for a lifetime. So to spend a little extra effort and time making the best choice to buy garage door  makes sense,  try to avoid cheap garage doors and go for Steel Line to get the best for you.  

 Things to be considered before your purchase –

In – Person Quote 

If you order a garage door online or over the phone then you are asking for trouble. As every garage is different, a knowledgeable salesperson checks the details like opening size and shape, side clearance and headroom and helps you make design decisions. So better to get a sales person to your house and check out the situation before you order a door. A new 16 feet door costs around $800 – $8000 and a sales person can help you find cheap garage doors .

Avoid Wood Doors 

When the real wood doors are new then they look fantastic but you need to devote time and money for their maintenance. If you don’t do that then they will not look good for long. The natural finishes last a few years and then they need recoating. If you wait too long, you have to sand off all the finish and start over to get your door to look new again. The look of the wood, you can get back for a fraction of the cost and also you can avoid the maintenance. The most affordable option is embossed Steel with the faux wood grain finish. From a distance, these doors look similar to real wood . If you can spend more, then consider a garage door with a wood composite overlay or a skin of fiberglass. Composites give the look of real wood with the stability and longevity  of plastic. 

Upgrade Insulation 

If you have plans to buy an insulated door because you have to save energy or you want to keep your garage warm, you can spend about 15 to 20% extra to upgrade from extruded polystyrene to polyurethane insulation. The effectiveness of insulation for a garage door is it’s R- value. The larger the number, it insulates the better. Upgrading the insulation from 2-in polystyrene to intellicore( polyurethane) increases the insulation value from R- 9 to R-18.

Beefier Springs 

Spring helps your garage door go up easily and comes down slowly. Garage doors use Torsion springs. These coiled Torsion springs can be seen above the door. Standard Torsion Springs are rated for 10000 cycles. It sounds too much, but if you close or open your door 6 times a day, you will reach 10,000 cycles in less than 5 years. When you spend extra $ 50 while shopping for garage doors, you buy a spring rated for 20000 cycles, twice the life for a few bucks more. 

A New Opener 

The person who installs the new door can install a new garage door opener also. Your opener fails eventually, so if it shows its age or you just want a quiet opener or an opener with features, you can get it replaced. When you replace it along with the door, it saves you money on labour and you can negotiate a package deal on the new door and the opener. 

When you shop for garage doors, you don’t have to think how a particular colour or style of door will look on your house when you check the doors for sale online. Most manufacturers have software on their website which allows you to upload a photo of your garage and they can add any of their garage door styles to it, this will help you select a door style, the design features you like, pick colour and Windows and even the hardware. You can go around with different styles until you find the right one for your garage.


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